Thursday, January 17, 2013

December 17th Email

It was a Great week. A lot of good experiences. So We have stopped teaching a lot of people that were being taught when I first got here so me and Elder Taylor have been finding, finding, finding!!!! We have Given out a lot of Book of Mormon's:-) A lot of people gave us wrong numbers and stuff, but it's alright. Sifting the wheat. I have really begun to Aprreciate The Saviour's Teachings regarding Learning how to become a Fisher of men. I will have to tell you guys sometime about my Spider web Finding thing I'm coming up with:-) (Still a work in Progress) Elder Taylor is such a good guy! He is really funny. A little guy from Idaho:-) We were tracting in this tiny little village called Cherry Willingham, and I accidentally knocked down a brick wall........ They have like 10 inch walls between driveways and you can step on top to go to the next house. But it just crumbled.... It wasn't too big but yeah helped put that back up and stuff. Then we talked to this Amazing Scottish guy who was in The Millitary in Scotland. He thought we were Jehova's Witnesses at first and didn't like that. But I just told him that I could see in him a really good guy then Elder Taylor thanked him for his service. I guess The Spirit worked on him because when we had finished knocking the area we started walking towards our bikes then he came running down the road after us. And Specifically asked "So your not Jehova's witnesses?" We Assured him we weren't. Then He said "And you are Definitley Christians?" We Assured him we were. Then he pulled this book out of his pocket. It was a New Testament and Psalms Given to Members of The Scotland Arms. For some reason that has stuck on my mind. He wouldn't take a Book of Mormon. But I still can't help but think that even though The Gospel wasn't accepted right then and there for him there was an Eternal Reason why we were there. Oh! And me and Elder Taylor got to go to a Service at the Cathedral. It was very very interesting. The Choir was absolutely astounding. And The Acoustics of that magnificent building was beyond words. But seeing that I couldn't help but think of The Restoration. In almost a Thousand years of History There has to have been someone who went there searching for answers. Seeking for Restored Truth's. And it is a big Hope of mine that we have Ancestors that have been there in Worship. Imagine how cool that would be? Good thoughts. Oh before I forget. Mom, I don't know why they sent a paper that says that I would have to pay money for packages. They just come hahaha. But it's totally cool:-) I already have everything I need. The letters are the good stuff anyway:-) But we are working hard here. We get to go sing as a Mission at the Bull ring in Birmingham on Friday!!! And I think I'll be singing and playing Hallelujah for everyone in The Mission:-) And! We are probably going to watch Chronicles of Narnia!!!!!!! President Rasmussen wants us to watch a move like that! Woohooo!!! Anyway. It's going to be a good week. I will Email you guys still on Christmas Eve. Thanks for being The Greatest. Maybe something you guys could think about. I am struggling with feeling like I am trying my best to Develop Christlike Attributes. And Being Worthy to Recieve Revelation. And Working hard Etc. But I feel like I am struggling the skills as a Missionary. President Jay E. Jensen came here and stated it as High in Atrributes but low in skills. I want to find People to come Back to The Fold. But it seems to be slowing down here. I am working really hard, and I have Faith. So this is probably just the Prepratory Stage for what is to come here. Lincoln can be a Stake, And I want to help be a Pioneer in that effort. President Rasmussen is called of God and is helping me become who God intends me to be:-) I Love you guys. Sincerely, Elder Wilson

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