Thursday, January 17, 2013

January 14th Email

One of our investigators watches Avatar!!!!!!!!! It was pretty Exciting:-) So for 2013 we are getting loads more Missionaries. We are going from 142 in 2012 to 244 or something like that for this year. Pretty crazy:-) It's been a great week. We had a lot of lessons, and picked up some new investigators:-) I just watched the new Mormon message about living up to your potential, It was hilarious!!! And............. It's SNOWING here tooooooo!!!!!! :-) Woooooooooooooohooooooooooooo!!!!!!:-) Not as much as you guys but it's still pretty awesome:-) These past few days have been very special to me, I have had Sacred experiences witnessing to me The Sanctity of Life, and how Powerful my calling is. I know that I am here for reasons.:-) That's so cool that you guys got to go to Bear lake!!!! Sounds Amazing:-) Yesterday at church they were getting rid of a lot of the stuff in the library so we got some good ensigns:-) I am excited to read them. We have Interviews this week, and I am really really excited to recieve Guidance from President Rasmussen. Because We are getting so much Missionaries, they are doing Transfers different now, you just go directly to your new area. But I am pretty positive both me, and Elder Taylor are staying together. I hope so, I like being with Companions for a long time. The Gospel helps create The Best Friendships. He is such a good guy:-) Well guys, keep reading The Scriptures, keep looking for oppurtunities to Preach The Gospel, and to serve others. Seeing the snow this morning reminded me of me, and dad going ans shoveling snow for people. That is the best feeling. My Heart is very full, and I feel so happy right now:-) The work is going really good. I Love you guys. have an Amazing week. TRUE LOVE Sincerely, Elder Wilson

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