Thursday, January 17, 2013

January 7th Email

I Loved your Emails:-) I Laughed a lot hearing about Kit, and McKell reading and kit saying everything was Cheese:-) You guys didn't like the turkish delight?? hahahahaha. Yeah it was pretty gross. It's not even the real stuff though.... The real stuff is actually pretty good:-) How did you like the other Chocolate? The day I bought those I couldn't find any of the really good stuff. Chocolate here is SOOOOOOOOO Much Better!!! :-) This last week was really really good. For the past two or three weeks our finding wasn't availing to much. But The Lord really Blessed us, and this week we have a lot of really good potential. I am super Excited about it. I got the ward book thing, AND your guys Package!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been obsessed with that guitar Cd. At first I was kind afraid it was going to sound like random spanish stuff haha, but it's super goooood:-) Dad, Fish and Chips here are different in that they don't use tartar sauce. You put loads of vinegar on it, and have mushy peas. Which I have no idea how to explain that hahahaha. It's really good though:-) Those Kebabs are super nasty though.................. Ummm yeah, Things are super good. I have been thinking a lot about the events that led up to The Restoration. And it's just crazy how everything in The Scriptures ties back to eachother. God has set things so simple, but just like The Saviour's Parables you have multiple messages displayed in one verse, often even in just one word. I read Dallin H. Oaks talk called "Protect The Children" today that is so powerful. It is Amazing to think that we are all called to do this work and to Invite Humanity to come and partake of The Blessings that have once again been revealed to us through The Restoration:-) The Book of Mormon is powerful you guys. My Scriptures have become so close to me. They are what I rely on. They guide me in everything. I rely on them Because they are the Words of The Lord!!! Anyway, You guys are Great! Thanks so much for your prayers. I don't doubt that The Succes that The Lord is blessing us with is Because of your Prayers. "The Prayers of The Righteous" I Love you! Sincerely, Elder Wilson

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