Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November 4th Email

Well Well Well I am still on the Wale!!! With Elder Barker too! Woot!!! Elder Barker is the man! So I am not entirely sure what your question about swansea was? Swansea is the city in which I serve, it is the name of the ward as well. But because there are multiple Missionaries in the ward and they cycle all of them cover the city of swansea and Elder Barker and I cover all of the villages in the ward Boundary. We don't even live in swansea we live in Gorseinon which is AMAZING!!!! So yoeah and as for "THE DODGE" It's just a word we use for transfer calls haha. I was just in a weird mood:) I thought the thing with the TV was Hilarious and Profound:) And I was laughing pretty hard about kit and scout when Jord was picking them up. This week was good, our people preparing for Baptism are going through some crazy times.... But one of our investigators is doing well! She is so funny, and she is from ireland by the way. So in Sacrament meeting yesterday there was a couple returning back to Wales and they were saying that Wales was the best place on earth then in the middle of it in sacrament meeting she yells out "Ireland!" it was pretty funny. She is definitely one of a kind:) So Transfers was crazy and we were running around all over the place but it was a good week over all. I feel like I am learning a lot of things. So life is good! And Wales is SO Beautiful!!! You should look up "The Gower" We cover the villages in there and we were tracting there the other day and we had to drive somewhere after and my goodness the drive back was SOOO Pretty!!!! I Love The Scriptures so much, they are changing me a lot and I feel like I am becoming better. It is good to hear Halloween went pretty well:) We had to be in by six so it wasn't too crazy for us haha. I am really growing a deeper Passion for Street contacting:) So much of Missionary work is numbers which is good but I am deciding only to think of numbers when we are planning and accounting other than that when we are out and about it is PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE!! I Love talking to People, especially when you are their Friend then The Gospel Naturally flows out of your mouth from your Heart. Well I Hope you all have a good week. I Love you lots! Read Ezra 10:4 that has pretty much become my favorite. Especially seeing why it says that. Love you Elder Wilson

October 28 Email

Hey Everybody! So Transfers are this week... I think I am staying but who knows! It has been a pretty good week. We had Interviews this week, and also Stake Conference! It was pretty Amazing, I spoke at the Adult session of the Conference. Of course I was asked to speak on Missionary work:) All the Swansea Missionaries sang Nearer My God to Thee too, that was awesome!! Halloween this week? Nice. Hopefully you feel better! Oh we hade Zone P day today so that was pretty good. We did a talent show and I thought it went pretty good. We also played some Football (soccer) and Volleyball, so it has been a pretty good day. Soooo............. President told me in my interview that Elder Matheus might be coming over here....... I am freaking out!! although I am slightly worried that he will be replacing me! I miss him and It would be so AMAZING to Serve around him! I think I felt like I became The Missionary that I wanted to be when I was with him. We will see in a few hours! Dodge night.......................................................................................................................................................................... The................................. Dodge.................................................................................................................................Dodge.....................................................................................................Oh my Dodge..........................................................................(Transfers) So that smoked egg sounds pretty scrumptious! have you ever heard of a scotch egg? It's like a breaded egg? It is pretty good! There is also this stuff over here called Branston Pickle it's like pickled something and you put it on sandwhich's I really like it! So yeah I Like Turtles. In all seriousness it has been a good week, and I really enjoyed stake conference as it was about hastening The Work. I have been reading in Jacob 5! Holy fudge that is now!!! We gotta get to it! I feel like I am doing what I can in The Lord's vineyard, and that is good but I also feel that I can do more! Also have been reading Acts in the New Testament! Soooo good! It pumps me up to go and Preach The Gospel! I appreciate dad saying I need to remember to have fun! I sometimes feel that I need to be oh so serious all the time. (Which I don't do anyway, but I feel like I should) Basically sometimes I have loads of energy so yeah gotta have fun:) I am just in a way weird and crazy mood right now. I Love you guys. We have a lot of work to do so be good, work hard. the Stake President here always says that he wants Saints to play together, and pray together. I think that is True. This Wonderful work is True. Amen! Love, Elder Wilson

October 21st Email

Hello! Thank you for the emails!! It has been a pretty good week! Some of the people are slipping more and more but there are some difficult circumstances. But one of our investigators is getting married in the next few weeks which I am WAAAAY Excited for!! Oh and We went on two exchanges in a row! That was interesting and for one I was in Aberystwyth again which is a Beautiful place. There were some big storms this week and the waves were really big:) Oh! Craziness!!! So Elder Chris Anderson? Well we got an Elder Here new from Albania and Elder Anderson served in his ward and when Elder Farrici was having visa issues but was set apart as a Missionary Elder Anderson was his companion! Elder Farrici is way good, and i am AMAZED at how fast he is learning English. He will do Great. That is good to hear about Mom's Birthday:) I thought of you a lot:) Hopefully you all start feeling better!!! We have a Busy week coming up again, and have interviews tomorrow so that should be good! So I have been reading about Josiah today in 2 Chronicles. He is Amazing, his dad was a bad guy but there is a phrase where it says something like Josiah SOUGHT The God of Israel, that is Powerful. Despite his rough upbringing The Light Of Christ rang True to him. I Love you all a lot, and am Grateful everyday for you. Smile Big, and i will too:) I Love you, I am Happy in The Service Of the God of Israel. Love you!!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Oct 14th Email

Hello, This last week was pretty sweet. We are now ALSO trying to help two more of our investigators to prepare for Baptism. Some of the people we are teaching are having a bit of toss and turn on the sea's of oppostition but I really Believe with Faith in God we can help them:) Gadfield Elm is the oldest running Chapel the church has in the world. It is in the middle of nowhere. Wilford Woodruff taught people there who were Baptised. I am not sure if you have heard the story about people sending police to arrest him in the middle of his sermon and when the police went there to arrest him they were converted and Baptised?:) So It was good. Unfortunately our coach was pretty late so we were quite rushed but it's all good! Com si com sa. That sounds Amazing that everyone was over there last night! Hope it was good:) Hopefully dad you got some good sleep! you Deserve it!! We are Happy over here, trying to do our Best. We also had Zone meeting which I Hope was good. I felt The Spirit. My Testimony of The Restoration has increased. It is Amazing that someone in this day and age communes with God, a boy only 14 saw God, and his Son Jesus Christ. How True it is!!! Well I Love you all. thank you for everything. your Prayers have, can, and will Produce Miracles Because of Faith and Hope. Keep moving forward. I Pray for you too by the way. I Love you.

Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7th Email

Hello!!!! It was a Great week. General conference was Needed, and Appreciated for me. The Lord Blessed us with Miracles this week. Elder M. Russel Ballard as he spoke was in Europe I did not get to see or hear him but President Rasmussen did. So M. Russell Ballard told him to invite The Members of his Mission Leadership Council to Baptise. So it was an Apostollic Invitation for me to Baptise,. When we heard that invitation a week and a half a go we had 0 people preparing to be baptised. As of right now we have five people preparing to be Baptised. Miracles have been happening here! It is so Amazing to me. Oh and I am not sure If I told you but Elder Jones is back in Leicester but in a different ward, a person we taught there has now since moved into the Evington Boundaries and is now Preparing to Be Baptised too:) The Lord is good. I am way Excited to go to Gadfield Elm this week, and I feel recharged from Conference which is good because I feel so tired all of the time haha. But Life is way good over here, and I am glad to hear that you all had a good week. We don't have as much driving in this coming week but we have Zone Meeting, and Gadfield Elm so the last half of the week is pretty booked. So it will probably fly by haha. Well I better Email President Rasmussen now But i Love you. Thank you for Everything. I am Smiling. Hope you are too. God Bless you!

Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30th Email

Hello!!!! So it was a good week!!! That is awesome that elder gee served in England. Some Accents are a bit tough, in the Merthyr area they call it "The Valley's" And their accent sounds really silly:) Hey So on October 11th we get to go to Gadfield elm which is the Oldest chapel in the church or something like that. So I am super Excited, I am not sure but I think the story is there was a man names Thomas Knighton who led a church of breakaway methodists and they met Elder Woodruff and got Baptised and then the chapel was dedicated to our church. The History is Amazing here! I also learned some stuff about the J.R.R Tolkien so when I was in Sheldon and Harborne there is an old mill site that he would go for inspiration to write. And we went to Birmingham this week and there is a small mountain range we have to drive by, it has completely slipped my mind what it is called. But I heard that the looks of them are the inspiration of the white moutains of Gondor or something like that. My mind is getting a little bit fuzzy on that one. But I thought it was way cool. One of our investigators is getting Baptised!!!! Wohoooo!! She is so Amazing! And there was this man we stopped by, he is a former Investigator. The Conversation was going well so I asked him if he wanted to get Baptised while we were talking to him on the doorstep! he said it's something he wants to prepare himself to do!!! So we are going to teach him this week and help him prepare for it:) I wish I could have seen the smile's on Elder Barker's and my Face haha. So things are good, and we have some other really good people we are working with. So right after this we have to go to New Quay for the Aberystwth district P day because there is only two teams in the district, one set of sisters and set of elders haha so we are going there. It should be good it is just rough because a lot of our P day is going to be driving but oh well:) And we are also going to B-Ham again tomorrow, so loads more driving. But we are keeping our line in the water with the time we do have and The Lord is Blessing us for it. We started teaching this guy who knows loads about History. Supposedly Joseph of Arimithea is buried in Cardiff, Not too sure about that but it would be interesting to hear where that came from. I do Love it here though, Wales is an Amazing place. I better get going now but it was way good to hear about that fieldtrip mom! I hope you all have a good week, and I will too. I Love you. And I do have a Testimony of the Lord:)

Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23rd Email

Hello!! This last week was way good too. My New Companion is Elder Barker from St. George Utah! He is awesome, likes sports and stuff. We get a long super will and have seen some good stuff this week. We started teaching a couple, the guy was initially interested and his wifedidn't want to hear any of it but after we shared Joseph Smith's first Vision her entire Countenance changed. It was way Interesting to see. We had some older ladies singing in the library so I have been kind of listening to it they sang Les mis type stuff It was pretty cool. So Elder Jones new Companion whom he is training knows The Hall's! I think he is Whitney's friend so that is pretty cool. AND he is back in leicester not in westcotes but in the city, that lucky dog. But yesterday they had the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the chapel being in Merthyr, Elder Kearon was there. It was so Amazing being there. I can not believe that I am in a Country that is so Saturated in Restored Gospel History, and was part of the backbone of the fibers of the early days of the Restored Church. I LOVE WALES!!!!!!!!!! So this week we have to drive B-Ham on friday then again next tuesday. And that is three hours just there, six hours round trip haha. so lats of driving which I don't mind too much. Driving is pretty sweet. Things are good though, we have a pretty solid week coming up So I am really excited about it. We have an Appointment with this guy tonight who is in a band and I asked him who his inspirtation was and he said a familiar name to me:) JOHNNY CASH!!!!!! Oh man, we are going to teach this brother The Restored Gospel. I better get going here pretty soon, But I am happy and am in Love with Wales. We were able to hear that going away welsh song yesterday too. You should look it up it is awesome. I Believe in the work I do, and I take Heart when things get hard because I really have seen God guide me. I Love you guys, have an amazing week. Love Elder Wilson

September 16th Email

Hello, This last week was pretty good. The finding of people was a lot better but we got flogged by loads of them which was a bit of a bummer but It is how it goes. We also figured out on saturday that Elder Jones will get transferred this week and I am sad about that. But it Happens, so just keep on going. Plus my Next companion will probably be way sweet we will figure out who he is tonight. so there is an american couple from Arizona, they are from Chandler and we met them a few weeks a go and they said they would come to church and they did! They aren't members but they Love the church, they are wonderful people. They are taking us out to lunch today so that will be awesome. It is funny hearing american accents haha. Oh and there was a chinese kid Baptised here this week that was way awesome! it sounds like things were way good for you too! I am trying to think of something else that happened? Hmmmm well we are teaching a lady and she is way awesome!! Oh and the Irish lady gives us loads of food. She is so nice to us, and I feel bad that she is always feeding us but I Know that The Lord is Blessing her for it. The more I see Missionary work the more I see that this is God's work and it is done in His way. But also He will sometime's let us struggle, and stretch which feels uncomfortable but it is always worth it. We also had zone meeting this last week! We talked about Helping people make and keep Commitments then also discussed Zion's camp, I hope it was good for the Missionaries. Well sorry this is short again, The Work is still good. I am smiling, and Singing too! So life is good. I am Grateful for God letting me serve here and serve with Elder Jones whom has changed my life. I am Grateful for the people that we will find ready to make those Covenants with God. I Love you guys, and I Hope and Pray you have a good week. Love Elder Wilson

September 9th Email

This week was great! Sorry again that I didn't write a lot last week, well not a lot anyway. I am feeling very happy! We had some good experiences last week. Yesterday before call ins we were cycling around the farming area by our home. Which was way way cool! We met a lady who lives at a place that kind of looks like Aunt pats! I Hope that was Amazing by the way!! It sounds like it was Hilarious. But we are going to be teaching her family this saturday and I am way Excited. Hopefully they will let us do some service there:) We also were in some random villages trying to get in contact with some less active members. we met a cool guy, and the village was right at the bottom of a mountain so there was wild life. He was telling us that they have Honey Buzzards? Apparently they fly up from North Africa. You should do some research dad! Oh also we found this guy that was walking in a field by some houses we were knocking, and he had a hawk on his arm and a dog right by him. Me and Elder Jones thought that we definitely have to talk to this guy:) He wasn't interested in the gospel which was depressing but he had some sweet animals. He told us he hunts ferrets with his hawk and dog. The Dog will go scare the ferrets out in the field then he lets the hawk off his arm and it will go snatch them up. Pretty cool!!?! This week was actually really wonderful. We got in contact with Some Potential Investgators who we can start teaching this week so I am having lots of Hope and am so very Happy to be in wales. Both Elder Jones, and I have just felt at Home here. It is not so crowded but still people to talk to, and the weather is cooling down and I am digging that. Not that it was hot hahaha. Early this year it was but it has been pretty good lately. It is starting to get dark again fast though which makes finding akward... But we can still do Great things! This coming week should be way amazing too:) We have Zone Meeting and we are going to do it on Making and Keeping Commitments, and then the second part will help Motivation and we are going to watch a Doctrine And Covenants DVD called Zions camp. Tell Matt Congrudulations. Well the time is short. Thank you for everything, I Love you. And I Believe with all of my Heart that God is at The Helm of This work. Nothing is going to stop it:) Love you. Thanks Again! Elder Wilson

September 2nd Email

I am way sorry that this is so short, we had to help out some elders than there wasn't a library with computers to email at. I am so sorry, this week has been hard. But I am still smiling. I Love you guys so much. Elder wilson. i will email more next week I Promise. Thank you, God Bless you

August 26th Email

So it is bank holiday here, so we are eailing at a members. so once again, time is short. the week was good. We are working with a guy who is struggling he has some hard times going on. and a Lady who is praying for a day to be Baptised. Paula is doing great!! She needs to be married then ready to go. I am happy here, I Love Wales so much. Elder Jones and I are going to be doing some great things!!! The Cabin sounds so wonderful!! Fall is coming here too, the nights are growing longer, and the chill is deepening in the mornings. this morning we were running through some fields and there was fog it looked so Beautiful. Especially becaue the sun was rising and we could see horses in the bakground. The work is great though, a little slow last weeek, but it will go forward this week! I am feeling it. I am way happy you went to the cabin, that is wonderful to hear. It is way hard trying to see where you can best use your time, and who do help between Missionaries, Investigators, and Members. But I am grateful for this time to serve. Sorry again that it is short. I Love you, and I am so Grateful for your Rock Solid Examples. Love you, Elder Wilson

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 19th Email

That is crazy that there is a New Stake President! Things are good in Swansea, I am Loving it over here. We drive through all the villages, and it is so pretty here. Oh Mom, you said that our ancestors came from bluebell perhaps? I have looked at the maps and I can't find a bluebell, but we live right by a little town called Blue Anchor? If that was where we come from that would be so Amazing because we are only like a ten minute drive from there. And it's right by all the cool Beach places. The Week was good, we had interviews and Zone Meeting. It was cool we didn't plan it but the theme ended up in a way being how we are not alone in this work. Sometime's we feel like LONE SOLDIERS with our Companion's but we talked about The Missionary Force. and Even more than that is we have Angels, and Heavenly Father's help. So we saw some sheep this week, and that was pretty good stuff. hahaha There are sheep everywhere! I Love it!!!! For some reason they make me laugh. Oh also another cool thing, I was In Merthyr Tydfil on Exchange and that is where David O. McKay's wife is from!! There was a plaque on her old house and it said they lived in huntsville, and married in Ogden! That was pretty weird to see!! I hope Sariah's Birhtday was good!!! It was one of our Investigator's Birthdays this week, but we made her some cookies! It was awesome!!!! Well I better get going though. Sorry it is kind of short. Things are Amazing though, I am way Happy. I Love you guys so much. And Thank you for your Prayers. Love, Elder Wilson

August 12 Email

Dear Family, First of all, He was Baptised. It was Amazing, Dad, there is something Special about him. He wants to serve a Mission, and he will be an Amazing Missionary lik Alma the younger. If he serves in The UK he will relate to so many people. And he has loads of Love too! One of my investigators from Birmingham was Baptised too!!!!! God is good. Believe it or not I got transferred again. I still live on a Whale though, which is Stupendous! Even crazier is that THE DREAM TEAM is Back together!!! I am serving with Elder JONES in Swansea! It is pretty crazy serving with him again, he was my second companion and I served with him in Leicester. It is way weird because I have already served with him for three transfers, and this will be my fourth transfer with him. I Love it though because we were both fresh out when we served together before, I am hoping to serve with him for the rest of his Mission till December haha. That would be amazing:) So if we do I will have served with him for 9 month's!!! We have some way good plans for the Zone though. We have had a lot of good talks and we realised why we did so well in Leicester was because we had way good Comp Unity so we feel that we want the Missionaries here to have Companionship unity and Have Christ as the Centre of their life. And other things will follow. When we give our hearts to God, we will be serving everyone else, then The Baptism's will come. So I guess our focus is The Love they have rather than the skills they acquire. Both are Important though. I don't think I can really put into any words how excited I am to serve with Elder Jones again, I could try to put it into some format of words. But I think it is Enough to tell you guys to read Alma 17, and it is how I feel. I Love Elder Jones. Tender Mercies of The Lord:) Life is good here! They have some Amazing Investigator's here too! It is way weird coming into an area with Investigator's haha. But I Love it. We are teaching a lady, and she is from Belfast Ireland too!!!!!! That is here Allanah is from!!! It is way cool. She is way funny, and then there is another kid. he is a really cool guy who is Christian. Swansea is BEAUTIFUL! I think today we are going to cycle to the beach, but it is way cool because we get to drive all over! We are in The biggest zone in the Mission and both of us love the outdoor's! We Get to drive all over Wales, and Preach the Gospel!! We are going to try and do a Mini Mission with Ashley while we are serving together too which would be way good. The ward is super cool, and has connection's to Ogden! A Member's Brother lives in Ogden, I talked to him yesterday because he is visiting here. He Lives in down town Ogden kind of by Standard Examiner and works at the George Washington School. Small world? Oh!! The Address! Are ya'll ready for some Welsh? Good stuff eh? I better get going now but I do know that The Lord cares about us. And God does Answer Prayers, I have been a witness of it this week. I do want to Magnify my calling, and I Believe I am learning how to do it. I Love The people here, and I think that is one of the Biggest Secrets. Love The People, and The Land. I am not sure if I shared it with you guys yet but there is a welsh Phrase That I Love. "To be born welsh is to be born Privilleged, not with a silver spoon in your mouth. But with music in your blood, and poetry in your soul" This place is Home for me. I feel very Blessed right now. I Love you guys, and I will Pray for you:) God Bless, Elder Wilson

August 5th Email

Ok so time is pretty scarce today! We have a zone P-day to set up and Transfers are this week. Setting up the flats was good! We went and did some finding and got some really good stuff going on. I am super Jealous of the flat though, it is right outside a Castle, and there are loads of people to talk to. Yesterday at church some BYU Students played the violin and Piano, it was so Peaceful because I could hear the sound of the rain outside. They played Come Follow me, It was Beautiful. It made me think of all the Memories on My Mission, I have had some Amazing Areas, and Friends too. I have also been thinking about how Powerful Friendship is. The kid is doing AMAZING!!!! He is so good gah! He wants to serve a Mission and Everything. He is going to be coming to the Zone P day so that will be way cool! He is getting Baptised on Saturday. Today I was reading a talk and it spoke of our Ancestors and Families, and It made me think how much help I recieve from My Family. In and out of this world. I am so grateful fo The Help, I Need it. But he is an Amazing kid, he bore his Testimony Yesterday:) He was so nervous haha! We had a MASSIVE Thunderstorm this week!! It was way cool!!! Oh! also word on the street is that I am going to be a Grandpa!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohooo!!! Elder Matheus! Well anyway, I better go. I Love you guys. The Gospel is The Light that can help ANY Problem. I Love The Lord. And I Love you guys. Thank yo for everything. Elder Wilson

July 29th Email

Hey! Once again, not a lot of time to email. The Computers in the libraries aren't the greatest so yeah. That is so Awesome that The Mitchell's were over!!! Sister Mitchell Dyed her hair!!!! Hahahah she hates it when we call her sister Mitchell. I Love that family:) This week was crazy, I was on an exchange in Blackwood. Alex Boye served there so that is pretty cool. Oh and we have a Member in the ward who Elder Quentin L. Cook Baptised too. Bob Jones! He has a big white Beard:) So that is pretty fun facts. Oh, Cwmbran is spelled right haha. Welsh:) And Dad, yes I did see that picture it looks way good. There are some nice sun sets here too! It is good to hear about what is going on in the ward. I need to write Kaden.... The Work is good here, we got six new Investigators and the kid i talked about last week is doing good! We did some Service at the Bishops house and the Bishop here is so cool.... It was hilarious, we got this super random text from him the other day and we were way confused. When we got there he told us how he was texting random Lyrics from songs to his friend that he went to school with. But the one he sent to us was some Reggae romantic song hahaha it was way funny. But he listens to Radiohead, oasis and all that good stuff:) And he is a really hard working Bishop, I am super Grateful for him. And his wife's family is from Ireland. Irish people are so good! Lets see. What else? The Rain is back which is good. The hot weather was weirding me out. But it was nice to have a change. At The Library they have Halloween stuff so that got me pretty excited:) Oh something else Crazy is the Assistants dropped off all of the Furniture for the new flats that are opening up next Transfer. So our study room is chuck full of shannanigans and it is driving me a little crazy. So this week we get to go set the flats up which will be pretty good, get to go do some finding with the Districts too so I am super Excited about that as well. So we will be teaching that kid a ton getiing him ready for Baptism and then Setting up flats. So it should be a good week. We will have some good finding too:) So yeah things are good. I do feel that I am Learing a lot right now on My Mission. There are tons of things for me to work on, But it is so good to feel That I am doing The Lord's work and giving it my Best Efforts. I Believe all of these things in The Restored Gospel, and my Conviction grows surer, and surer Everyday. I Love The Lord, and I am Grateful for My Time in His Full Service. The Memories I have are so Precious and dear to my heart. I Love you guys. Elder Wilson

July 22nd Email

Hey This week was way good. We started teaching this kid, he completely wants to change his life around and is preparing to get Baptised on 10 of August. Sounds like you guys had an eventful week...?:) Things have been crazy for us too, But whatever happens I know the Lord is in it. We have to do loads of stuff today it's crazy. With all of the new Missionaries coming in we have to help set up the flats before they get there so things are just crazy right now. But I am still Happy:) I am trying to think about the week to tell what happened? It feels lke i was just barely relating what happened last week. So crazy.... Hmmmm well bad news. i failed the TEST!!! it is so frustrating to me. I completely Aced the questonairre part of it but they have this thing called hazard pereption where they have a video and you have to click the mouse when you see a hazard. But if you click it too much it kicks you off and if it's too little you don't pass and I didn't click it enough. So i have been a bit flustered about that. But it's all good. This Morning I was reading President Uchtdorf's talk on Light and it Impacted me a lot. it helps me see my Purpose as a Missionary. I feel like I have been learning a lot about Ministering the last few weeks. And that makes sense about the card haha. No worries though I got it and everything is A-OK. I wrote a letter to you guys so hopefully you get that soon? Oh, and we did go to that place called Cwmcarn Forest. it was super Beautiful, bu it is just weird without wildlife. We saw an owl, and a pidgeon haha. The Pidgeon looked kind out of place in a forest though.... Well i am going to have to cut this short. i Love you guys so much. Missionary work is Amazing. Just doing The Lord's will/ well, i Love you guys. Thanks for everything. I Thank Heavenly Father Everyday for it. Elder Wilson

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 15th Email

Hello!!! Things are crazy once again haha but this last week was pretty amazing. By like friday we were kind of down because we had no investigators but by yesterday we had 4 Investigators:) One thing I am learning a lot from Elder Thorup is just Managing things well. We are setting up an English class, so i am really excited about it. I don't know too much about the name dad or the fishing. But i would love to come here one day and fish. The Mountains are Awesome!!! today We might go to Cwmbran's area and go to a forest so i am super Excited about it. I was on an exchange in newport and we cycled up this massive mountain it was way cool but destroyed my body haha. The view was so good though. The Landscape kind of reminds me of like wyoming but SUPER green:) Although this last week was outrageously hot.... (Gimme Rain) Sounds like things are good for you guys though? I got an Email from Elder Brown and Elder Neumann! I would have asked you guys for thiers ages ago but I just thought they couldn't email!! But oh well:) It has been pretty cool at church because like half the ward for the last two weeks has been BYU students studying abroad for the English/Welsh Language. It is pretty crazy because the professor even got a calling. This ward needs a lot of Priesthood help. But I like Serving in wards like this. Ummmm my theory test is actually tomowrrow yay. I am super excited about everything in the work though, some great things will be happening i can feel it coming soon. There is going to be a big to do in Cardiff:) I am not sure what else to say? haha. Life is good, and we are just working a lot with the chinese people again so we are excited about that. I am serving in all of the cities of the Mission it's crazy:) Coventry is the only big city i haven't served in. well, there is Nottingham but I have been there plenty of times:) I bette get going but I know that God Loves us no matter what. Living an obedient Life is the only way to lasting happiness. I am so grateful to be able to be The Lord's Missionary, one of this Royal Army. it is an honour. I Love you guys, thank you for everything. God Bless. Elder Wilson

Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8th Email

Hello, It has been a pretty great week! Sounds like it was pretty good for you guys too:) We were able to watch the Missionary Broadcast last night and that was definitely a Revelatory experience. I was boosted up a lot and I am excited we are going to try and get members watching that. I think it will build family unity, and move the work forward, I guess in essence Family Unity is The work so yeah:) Super good! Oh haha dad the area we live in is called splott! We also have a fish and tackle shop right by us and I dig that. We might actually go down to the bay today which would be nice. So we have had to do a lot of flat finding all over The place in Wales. When you get your call to serve a Mission you don't think about those kinds of things:) But it was good, and It is all The Lord's work. We weren't able to be in our area much which was kind of sad because we had flats to look at, Baptism Interviews, and we did do some good work with some Missionaries. and got some good things going. Angie in Birmingham is scheduled to be Baptised on the 4 of AugusT!!!!! Woot!!! We put in loads of work there opening it up and some really good things are going to start coming from it with all the people we started teaching there. That is super sweet about Garret Anderson!! Tell him congrats, he will be a super good Missionary. So I am Loving Wales more and more! It has been insanely warm here the last few days! It has been almost ninety degrees! It is crazy, haha I don't even know what's going on. I can not believe mom and dad are on facebook.............. I literally never thought I would hear of the day. But that is awesome? Haha I don't know. You guys like it? Oh and happy anniversary!!! I was going to put that in last week but there was too much on my mind. sorry about that. I hope it was Amazing:) I am taking my theory test in Merthyr on the 16th So Hopefully that goes well. I feel super bad that elder Thorup is driving loads, since I have been here we have drove so much. I think around a thousand miles, comin' up on it at least. Oh and I didn't serve with Elder Thorup in the trio that was Elder Taylor. Elder Thorup was the companion before Elder Taylor:) He is a funny guy. But things are good, I am happy. I am Loving ALL of the people i am called to serve. We have some really good Missionaries around here, i have already grown really close with a lot of them. I better get going though, I Love you guys a lot. thank you for everything. I know that God is in this work, now more than ever The work of God is going forth. And I am so grateful that I have been able to be a part of this. i Love The Lord, I am learning to Know The Lord too. I am working on my everyday interactions to be as Jesus Christ would do. I Love you! thank you for everything. Alma 5:12:) With Love, Elder Wilson

Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1st Email

I can't write too long this week but I am in Cardiff!!!! I am serving with Elder Thorup again haha it is pretty crazy. Wales Is like the coolest place ever! It is so pretty, and we have to do a lot of driving around. So I have seen quite a bit of southern Wales, it is Amazing. In pontypridd there are mountains and pine tree's, I was flippin out. People are crazy nice as well. I am just absolutely in Love with wales... Cardiff is a really pretty city too, Get to see the ocean. Doctor who sariah muahahahaha. Oh we are whitewashing here as a new area too so it has been an absolutely jam packed week. We are busy out of our minds from 6:30 to 10:25:) But it is good, I like having to stay on my toes. Wit the little time we had to work in our area, The Lord blessed us loads. We met a really Amazing Welsh lady :) So we met her on thursday, taught her on friday, she has some big concerns with death's of her Loved one's but feels like we met her for a reason. We set up a lift for her on saturday and she was at church on snday! I hope she Loved it. Elder Matheus will do some good stuff in Birmingham, he has a sweet Companion. Things are super good, I am hoping to serve here for a while I feel really good about things here. The ward is behind us in the work and that is good to have. And The Bishop is solid, we like to ask his wife what we can do to serve him when we first get into the area and they want some help in the garden so on thursday we are going over there to work in the yard. I am excited!!!!! Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm Yeah there was loads of stuff that happened this week but I don't even know how to explain. I feel very overwhelmed, and Humbled, But I am Happy and in such a Beautiful Part of The world. We are going to work loads with The University here and get things going. That is way sweet that you all went up to bear lake for scout camp! Hahaha you guys are awesome. It is good to hear about things at home I better get headin' soon. But I Love you guys. I will keep up the journal although it has struggled a bit the last few weeks. I am so grateful to be a Missionary, oh by the way The Picture on the front page of preach My Gospel isn't too far from here:) President Rasmussen calls Dan Jones the forrest gump of Missionary work haha. Cause he was everywhere. Well, This work is True I am excited to watch that Missionary Broadcast this week. i Love you!!!!!!!!! Elder Wilson

June 24th Email

Sounds like some pretty crazy stuff happening. We didn't get to watch the fireside but we will soon and President Rasmussen sent us an email. That sounds insane, hopefully I will be here when they make those changes. It is so exciting to be a Missionary right now:) Oh so transfers are this week, and I will definitely be leaving in a car area, I have to take the test again and get my license really soon. I will figure out where I will be tonight so I am a bit Nervous about that:) It is crazy because President Rasmussen called me last monday after we went to bed to tell me I'm leaving and some other stuff haha. This week was super Awesome! We got quite a few new Investigators. the world war 2 guy is super sweet. You guys would Love him cause his profession was that he was an antique specialist. He knows loads about antiques. And he is like the biggest Gentleman, he came to a sisters home to dinner with us. It was pretty sweet. The Chinese people we are teaching are Amazing people. Unfortunately, they all were on vacation so they couldn't come to church!!! But it's all good:) We also ran into some other former Investigators! They are Jamaican, and the dad worked at the mission home for a while, so he knows quite a lot. Him, and his wife came to church I hope they enjoyed it and felt The Spirit. And there is this kid from Pakistan we started teaching but he lived in New York for five years. And He is really searching, he gives the best answers and has some really Amazing intentions. Also... He Loves Switchfoot. I was pretty much flippin' out. He is learning guitar and couldn't get it tuned so I tuned it and was asking what kind of music he liked. And boom. Switchfoot. Yes indeed. but he leaves this week. That is the bad thing about Teaching students.... But they are so receptive. He will be back though and then he can be taught around september. Hmmmmmmm So leaks and stuff? Pretty crazy. Poor dad. Hopefully this week goes better! This week was actually pretty warm too, but a few nights ago it was pretty warm but we got super drenched at night. It was like 8:20 so we still had a bit of finding and it had been clear and warm all day so I didn't have a jacket or anything. But then the clouds built up and we had a good 5 minutes of some Insane rain coming down and got completely soaked:) I heard from Elder Brown that his Mission might get split up? It is crazy with all of the Missions. Probably most of the sisters who came in last transfer will be training here! I feel Blessed to have been able to see what it was like before all the craziness then to just see how The Work is Truely Hastening. These new Missionaries have Great Attitudes about the work. And I have been really Impressed with This District. Lots of Hard work. So I am a bit sad leaving Elder Matheus. He is going to do some great things. But I guess you move on, and up. We have had a really good few Transfers. And I have learned so much the last few Months. I am excited for what is coming too, where will be emailing you guys next week??!!?!? Well I better get ready to get going. I am so so happy here in this wonderful Country. We had a wonderful oppurtunity to go with a Member of The High Council to help him Home teach a single German lady. She had had a very tough week. And We were able to go and share a brief Message, watch a Mormon Message on Brother Barran's Ipad, give her a Blessing. It was simple but The Spirit was so overwhelming. I thought that this is simply what The Lord's work is about. To Minister to someone's needs you don't necessarily need to just be a problem fixer. You can help bear them up, and give them that little courage to move on. It was a powerful Experience for me. Probably one of those moments that I will always look back on when thinking about The Lord's work. One of the many experiences, and way more to come too. I know that God Lives. He is in the biggest details of our lives, but somehow He is involved with all of the little things too. We were able to find that Jamaican couple who weren't even in our area book. But The Lord wanted us there because His Love is for Everyone. Every Soul is Precious in His sight. I Love you guys. Thanks for Bouying me up on this Mission; a Family Affair. I am Strengthened everyday, and am given the Energy and Courage to move forward because of you guys. I am very grateful for it. THANK YOU. I Love you. goots. Elder Wilson

June 17th Email

Hello Family:) It has been a pretty Great week. The Lord has blessed us a lot with The Work. One of our investigators is going back to temor and that is by nepal. Indonesia. But It's all good because he will be back in July. Chinese Investigators have been really great. I Love teaching them:) So I didn't pass the theory test and that was a big bummer, I am not really sure what to do because transfers are coming up so we will see what happens. I don't really no what else to say... haha. The Scriptures have been so Inspiring as I have been reading them. And We found this former Investigator without even meaning to, and he is 88! He served in world war two... It is so hard not to ask him loads of question's... But We have kept our Purpose:) he is so nice. I Love him! And the Chinese Investigator's that we found! one is way into working out haha it is way crazy. But things are good. Sounds like you guys had an awesome week! Getting the house back in order:) Sorry this is super short, But i Love you guys have an Amazing week. Thanks for Everything. I Know God Lives. Love, Elder Wilson

June 10th Email

SO a few things before I forget. Football (Soccer) is pretty huge here. When I was in Leicester on saturdays everyone would either be wearing blue for the Leicester foxes (Football) Or Green and red for the Leicester tigers (Rugby) It was super hard tracting because everyone was going to the games. Aston Vila is in our area now. But we don't go to the games. That is crazy that Jordan is in the young men's!! He will do way good. It's funny this morning I was thinking about the backpacking trip with Jord and Chad:) That is so crazy that you guys are all changing stuff around there. The Chiken coop?!!? Remember when we she had us laughing super hard about that swimming pool place? This week was Amazing. We got some awesome new Investigator's. There is guy from timor. The Lord has prepared him to revieve The Gospel. He wants to be Baptised but isn't sure he can because it could put his family in trouble. He has a heart of Gold. It is hard to find that today, but he is just an Amazing person. He Loves farming, and is going to go to North Carolina after finishing schooling to go learn how to farm there! I was super excited and was hoping Elder Brown could see him (I had High Hopes...) But it will be in Charlotte. But it is still really cool that he will be in North Carolina. The Lord is Blessing us a lot. We were at a families house this week for dinner and they listen to awesome music by the way. But we were Sharing our Spiritual thought about Hope, then their daughter told us she neeeded to hear it because she was trying to find a job and couldn't. So she asked for us to give her a blessing; we did. So that was on thursday then on friday night we got a call from her and she told us that she had a job. I have more and more Experiences and Tender Mercies of The Lord that Reassure me that this is in no way my work. We are able to be Instruments in an Eternal Orchestration. The Priesthood is so Powerful. We have so much Amazing experiences. So I have been reading The old Testament, and also about The Stripling Warriors. In the Old Testament I am in Samuel with David. It has been so Inspiring to me to see these examples. The Stripling Warriors were Just in Everything they did, and David when he was doing what The Lord wanted was protected. It has made me think how consequential our intentions, and thoughts are. When we desire only to do good things will NEVER go permanently wrong, but when you slip in maybe just one bad thought, habit, etc. Things can go wrong very fast. Just like with David. It is like that C.S. Lewis quote Sariah:) So Dad, and Jordan are right. Reading The Scriptures is so Important. So I have to take a driving theory test on wednsday morning, and I am going to need a lot of help for that. The Driving theory test is quite a lot harder here than it is in America and it is so hard to study when you are Preaching The Gospel too! I am actually studying for it while I am emailing. I will ask Elder Matheus to give me a Blessing I think:) We have had such a good few Transfers together, he is so funny. Oh so Tony is doing some Awesome Missionary work. There was this guy who was drunk who lives by him and he decided he needed help so when we went to go teach tony he had this drunk guy with him so we went and taught him with tony. It was super awesome. So I learned yesterday that the bishop of this ward who is french:) He is super into Mountaineering! That was pretty Exciting, he gave a really good talk yesterday. But things are good, I am Loving life in Beautiful England:) I better get gong. I know that Jesus Christ Lives, We can feel God's Love more and more through Obedience, and more Importantly we are Obedient because of Our Conviction, and Love to Heavenly Father. He does Live. These things are all true. Thank you for your prayers, I Love you guys so much. Happy Father's day dad. You are The Best. Seriously. Elder wilson

June 3rd Email

It sounds like a super crazy week!! Hopefully it goes better this week. That is crazy that the carpet is gone though. That would be pretty Adventerous with the tent. Hahaha dad, you should have been reading from first Nephi:) "And My Father Dwelt in a tent" ;) So the work was super super good this week. We got some new Investigators who are Catholic. They are an Awesome family. And we set up an Amazing week this week with loads of Potential Investigators. We are pretty much geeking out about it. So crazy stuff. I saw Sister Merrill on friday. We were both in the "Come unto Christ" Choir tour. It was in Gloucester, and Cheltenham and we have some family from Cheltenham so that felt really cool being there. It was actually a really cool feeling. Like I knew the place:) Well, at least felt that HOME-ness. So yeah seeing sister Merrill was possibly one of the weirdest things ever. I got out of the car pulling into Gloucester's Chapel then in the next car over she got out too. And my mind was super confused hahaha. But she is doing really good:) We had a really good time in The Choir, and the mayor of Cheltenham was there! She had this crazy medallion thing and it was pretty sweet stuff. It was like this massive golden chain thing. I am a bit Jealous of you guys in the tent... haha. That sounds sweet. So me, and Elder Matheus send random little emails to eachother whilst were emailing it is actually pretty hilarious:) A lady that we talked to on the street one day is in the library with us haha. Except we saw her twice. The first time we talked to her she just ignored us, but the second we had a good chat. So maybe we should be talking to her:) Did you guys know his family moved to ogden? It is pretty exciting. Oh dad. A few things on food. We cooked up some sweet Peruvian stuff the other day. It is like an omlet with noodles in it, it's actually really good:) And have you guys ever heard of a chinese hot pot? Yesterday after church all the chinese members fed us and had this hot pot. It is like a slow cooker/dutch oven. thing. I dunno it was so good though. You put like water and sauce in the hot pot then put meat in but you eat it as you go. So you don't eat it all at once. And they had these fishballs it is like a battered meatball but fish haha. It was awesome. The Chinese Members here are so hilarious! Elder Matheus said that he couldn't use chop sticks very well. And a recent convert told him that he should "Follow The Holy Ghost" I couldn't help but laugh... haha. So awesome. We are actually starting to have some good sucess finding chinese people too so things are really good. Well I know that this work I am about is True. Jesus Christ leads this cause. I am grateful to you guys. I Love you loads. Enjoy the tent:) The Gospel is True!!! Love Elder wilson

Just a little picture

For those of you who don't know, one of Ty's really good friends (who sang with him in Tapestry) got called to his mission!!!

May 27th Email

Hey Family!!!! So it was a bit of a rough week. We had a really rough lesson with The investigator couple and they aren't too sure about the plan of Salvation. And turns out one of our investigators doesn't live in our boundaries. So we are pretty much starting over with teaching people. But we are still working hard, and are excited to get out there this week and work really hard. We had a really powerful zone conference!! President Rasmussen is super Amazing. So I have heard that Sister Merrill is in Nottingham:-) A Great place to be! I really don't know what to say though.... We had a pretty hardworking week. Oh! I didn't feel like we were being led By The Spirit one dat, and so I was praying for help. And I heard a song saying "Love The Higher Law" And Johnny cash was singing it:-) So we knocked on the door and the guy is Interested!!! It was pretty exciting. I really enjoyed your emails. I have been so Converted to Exact Obedience. When we are not a haze comes into our lives. So there is no way I can be happy while being disobedient. Me, and elder Matheus read a talk from the young Woman's conference from President Uchtdorf And He talked about Journey's, we were totally Loving it!!! Bilbo was spoke of in it!:-) I am sorry that this is so short!!!!! But I do know that Jesus Christ is The Son of God. My Testimony of The Plan Of Salvation has been Strenghtened so much. I know that losing myself is so Important. And I am Loving it. Well I Love you guys. Have an Amazing week. Love, elder wilson

May 20th Email

It has been a pretty crazy week for us too. It sounds way crazy for you guys. When it rains it pours eh? I am still in Harborne with Elder Matheus:) The work is good. A investigator couple came to church!!! We made a deal with them, we go to church with them and they come with us. So sure enough on saturday we went to church with them. Which was interesting. They really aprreciated us going i think. But they came to Stake Conference yesterday which was Broadcast to The UK from Salt Lake, and it was so Perfect for them. Me, and Elder Matheus have been pleading in Prayer that they felt The Spirit. It was so Bold about Standing up, and not conforming to The World. Elder Baxter from Scotland had such a powerful talk about fighting the evil in this world. Then Elder Richard G. Scott had a talk about Priesthood Bearers Protecting The Sanctity of Womanhood. It was all things they are already Buzzin' loads about:) So crazy stuff. We were trying to get Missionaries to our recent convert's Family in Guinea Bisau but it turs out there is no Missionaries there and only like ten Members from there. So he is going to be A Pioneer over there. He is such a solid guy, He can do Great things. So I got hit by a car a few days ago haha. This guy wasn't looking when he turned a corner and I was cycling where he was turning so he hit me and my bike is done for, and I did a pretty big number on his car. As for me, I'm perfectly fine. I didn't even fall of my bike haha. It was a Massive Miracle. The Lord Blessed us loads. I gave the guy a card, but I feel super bad about his car. But nothing much I could have done haha. The only thing that happened to me is my finger felt slightly sore:) It was a crazy experience, and when we took my bike to the shop to get it looked at. Seeing how hard of an impact it had on the bike the shopkeeper was really surprised I was fine. But right after I got hit a part member family drove up by us and said they wanted to feed us sometime! And I had met the wife who is a member like our first sunday at church but haven't seen her since and have been trying to figure out who they are to see if we can teach her husband:) So The Lord really does work in Mysterious ways. So I am not really sure what to do with the bike situation because I am getting my license but I think one of our Zone leaders, Elder Macarthur is going to let me borrow his bike so that is way nice of him. So yeah. We are teaching this awesome guy And he does tai boxing which is pretty crazy. He is super solid though. We taught him at the church and he is the reason why I was asking why Jesus had to suffer. He is a big thinker, which I like. I just saw that Frances Monson passed away. That is tough. What a Blessing it is to know of The Plan of Salvation. It is pretty crazy now that I think of it because this morning we prayed Specifically for President Monson and I haven't said a Prayer Specifically for The Prophet in a while. Just another Gentle Assurance that God is ever with us,and knows all of our needs. I think that is about it for the week. Life is great. I am really excited to be with Elder Matheus for one more. Oh, and I got a letter from all the boys. We are sending our letters all together. They are all doing Great. It gave me a big pump. I am so happy that all of us are getting Converted and not taking for granted The Wonderful oppurtunity to Serve The Lord full time. I Love The Lord, and I know God has His plan for us. I Love youguys thanks for everyrtthing. Elder Wilson

May 13th Email

It was so Amazing talking to you guys!!! I Loved seeing my shirts hahaha. That was good stuff. I did think it was funny that Jord thought I seemed Happier. Looking in hindsight, the most problems I have faced on my Mission came after that and I just had to deal with them. And I guess Satisfaction, and fulfillment comes with that. I don't know:) And your right Dad. Your words about just doing the work rather than thinking about what you can do wrong is what I need to hear! I can not believe how big Kit is!!! That was a real treat to see:) Ummm after we called you guys we went and gave some cookies (That we baked!) to an Investigator. Pretty good. She was really happy, and that made me happy. It looked so warm there! It is slighly less rainy today, but I'm not too bothered. I actually still Love the rain. But it is crazy when you are cycling in it then have to go to an Appointment. Oh by the way, I absoulutely adore Cycling now. And I will figure what I can about the Birmingham Pidgeon's. You Should ask President Monson!:) This last week was good though. Finding, and Teaching. With some people we are teaching my Studies have been directed to why did Jesus have to do what He did. Could I maybe hear your guys thoughts on it? I also had another idea that I am going to ask Converts how they came to a Knowledge of The Divinity of The Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, and record it in a little journal that I am entitling "The Music of Faith" and that will be really Powerful. I believe it will help me see how The Spirit works in our Lives. My thoughts have also been directed to how grateful I am to Jesus Christ. I don't think we see what we have. We are guided by a Prophet who is led By The Hand of God. We have The Holy Scriptures that have The Power to Ignite us to Conversion. And to me, The most wonderful thing. A Loving Father in Heaven, and Him Loving us enough to send His Son. We can see these things clearly because of what The Prohets have taught, teach, and will Always teach. Because this has been True, still is True, and will always be. I never realised how much I needed that one stable force in my life. No matter what goes wrong, I can hold onto that. "Be Still, and know that I am God" Thank you for everything. God will bless you for your goodness. I Love you so much. I hope you have a great week. God Lives! Love, Elder Wilson

May 6th Email

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Twas a good week. Started teaching some cool people. One who is Muslim, and reads a lot. We just Hope that he will Diligently and Prayerfully read The Book of Mormon. Then a lady who has been searching for Truth in church so we are excited about that. She is Loving the Book of Mormon. I got to see Elder Watt this week, and that was really really exciting. I Loved all The Scottish stuff he would talk about. Things in Harborne are good. We went to a museum today, and there was world war two stuff and I was buzzin for it. Your guys Emails were really good. Cody, and Charlyse moving?? That sounds Awesome!!! Oh before I forget. Yes, we can skype:) I will be calling at like 5-ish here. So I think that is like 10 in the morning there? Yep Something like that. Way Excited to talk to you guys!!!!:) So The Weather has been wonderful. For the last three days or so just sun, and it is crazy. Probs the best weather I have had on my Mission haha. Pretty crazy. It feels good to feel the sun every once in a while:) So we had a follow up training thing for Elder Matheus and President Rasmussen talked loads about having good studies, and it was pretty Amazing Actually. Pretty much how well it goes is in the details of what you do. Like how you need to be in a clean area, a quiet, and you need to have a good attitude. And then talked about setting Visions. I was Pretty excited about it. I dig Studying. This coming week is going to be more finding too. Oh, and last week we found a less active member on our way to the District Meeting!! That was pretty exciting. So Life is Great. Still learning loads, and I am happy that The Lord has me here. My Heart feels very full. It is wonderful seeing our recent convert. He calls me either his "Bro" or "Elder" Elder Matheus will be talking to him on the phone in spanish then he'll say "Elder! Elder!" And that is Elder Matheus's hint to give me the phone. Then when I get The Phone he will just keep saying "Thank you My Bro" It makes me super happy. Sorry this is a bit short. But I will talk to you very soon!!! I Love you guys so much. Thanks for The Support. President Rasmussen says that you guys are the fuel that keeps us going. Thank you. I Love you. Elder Wilson

Monday, April 29, 2013

April 20th Email

It has been a crazy week! It was so so good to hear from you guys. That is so Amazing with Elder MAtheus Mom! Elder Matheus is way Awesome. So another crazy story. So we had an investigator that was Baptised, and it was Amazing!!!!! He is so solid, and he is sooooooooooooo much Happier now. But from The Member who Baptised him, and referred him to us told me that he had been taught a little over a year ago by Elder Tonga in Wolverhampton. And I was thinking that Elder Zundel served with Elder Tonga in Wolverhampton! So I asked, and Elder Zundel is the Elder who Started teaching him:) So we were just finishing family work! Isn't that just absolutely crazy how everything works out? The Lord is so Amazing. So yeah, we Love him. Things are going really good. I have been thinking about how Amazing it is to Invite people to Repent. It is such a hard thing for people to change. But it is The Best feeling ever to see someone change, and accept, and Embrace The Atonement. I underestimate everyday the Power of Heavenly Father. I am so Grateful for The Experiences I have had. So other than the baptism this week, finding, and teaching was a bit rougher. We got flogged loads haha. But oh well. We went as a District and drew The Plan of Salvation with Chalk on The ground at the university and talked to people. It went pretty alright. There was two Chinese people Baptised yesterday too. That was so cool:) Things are on fire here, and it is so Amazing to see The People of China Embracing The Gospel. Is it Bonnie, and Wong coming this summer again? So the Beavers at willard bay eh? Solid. It's funny for some reason me, and Elder Matheus were talking about willard bay this week:) Good to hear about it. So Lauren will be here soon??? If she serves in The North we will see each other in a few weeks because of zone Conference, but if it's in the south I am not sure when. That will be super duper crazy. I have been really tired this last week haha. It is hard work, but me and Elder Matheus have a lot of fun. And we come up with cool things to do. Like we tell each other a random object, and a Gospel Principle and the other has to make an anology about it. Just stuff like that. Oh, so Elder Matheus Bike has been struggling so we had to Bus Loads again.... Woot. Hey, I eat loads of Bananas now. It is a bit Crazy. Mom will like this. For Breakfast I eat Porridge (Oat meal) With honey, and Bananas. It's pretty good stuff Mom. We are excited for this coming week, we have this guy we are teaching from Yemen. He was Muslim, It is really sad though because his family is in yemen still. and we are Teaching This Seventh Day Adventist Family From Jamaica. They are super cool. And we will just do some soild Finding. So Speaking of Squirrel's. We have one that lives outside our flat too!!! We Enjoy watching him. And Dad, there are these really small birds that could fit in your palm. And they have Gray on their backs and red tummies. What would it be??? They are really pretty!! Also another note Sariah would Enjoy. Elder Matheus has read, and Loves the book "Things Fall Apart" Well it has been a good week, and I think I am Loving my life. Obedience, and The Atonement are the two things that I have learned so much of. I know when I am Living in Exact Obedience of What the Lord has Commanded nothing will go Permanently wrong. And that brings a lot of Comfort to me. This world is so crazy, but "Only The Gospel can save the World from The calamity of it's own self destrction" I feel so much closer to The Lord everyday. I know that everything that was on the earth when Christ was, was brought back in The Restoration. The Gospel is Grand in all of it's details, and I Love learning how everything goes together. But it is also Simple, and that is perhaps the most Beautiful thing about it. Faith, that little Sprout grows into that Tree of Life. I Believe in Jesus Christ. And I want Him as my Rock. Everything The Restored Gospel brings is Christ's message from The Beginning. I know and Love this work I am a part of. The Life of a Missionary is the life for me. I Preach what is in my heart, and I Hope to always be filled with The Love of God. I Love you guys, have a good week. Thanks for The Prayers, and Everything. They move this work forward. Elder Wilson

April 22nd Email

t sounds like you guys had a good week, and good to hear kit had a good Birthday Party:) I can't believe she is 3! It is so good to hear about her, and scout. Things are good here. Our one investigator is still doing great, we haven't been able to see another becasue she works a lot. And we had a lot of bike issues this week. Just a crazy week, But we learned a lot. But the one investigator is set to Be Baptised this week though. He is so awesome, and The Bishop here is French, and he Speaks French. so. yeah:) We did hear about Boston, and it made me think about Sariah. I didn't get to hear too much about it. It is a crazy, crazy world we live in. It was sweet to be at an investigator's Baptism:) It is Always so Amazing to see Baptism's, and The Special Spirit that is there. The feeling of new-ness, and new fresh starts for these people. I liked The Ukelele Orchestra dad. Way cool. And yeah, That Mike turvey Mormon-Ad guy is wayyyyyy cool! You guys have Missionaries assigned to the stake now?? That is super good. You got to get to hard work now. It wasn't too much of an eventful week for us, we taught Tony. And did a lot of finding, and found some good people who will hopefully become New Investigators this week. Oh! I have to get my license here, so I have a driving lesson here today so that should be interesting. I like driving so that should be good! The Campaign for is pretty crazy here. We have to take this survey every week, and it goes to Elder Holland, and Elder Nelson to show how effective it is. Well, I am sorry that it is super short email here. Life is good, Elder Matheus is way good. And we work super super hard, and I am Loving every minute of it. I know that our constant source of Help is Jesus Christ. I know God lives, I Love you guys. Have an Amazing week. Thank you for Everything. Sincerely, Elder Wilson

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April 15th Email

Mom, and Dad, I Loved your Emails. I can't remember what session it was in But I remember Robert D. Hales held up his fists and talked about where the Standard of The Church was, and where The world has gone and throughout The years The standards of The Church of Christ have stayed right there, and will always be there. That was probably the most powerful part to me. No matter how unstable, and changing this world gets. There will be one force, still there. Because of the Foundation of Jesus Christ. His Church will not be moved. But also, what Dad talked about in his email to me. To have something like that. Immovable, constant Always. But so ready to Embrace anyone who doesn't want to go alone. Forgiveness so ready to be given. I can't get over how Beautiful that is:) I actually listen to music from while I email too dad:) I Loved The Pictures!! The work is Great. We have two people who are committed To Be Baptised. One of our investigators is a Native American originally from North Dakota! (How Amazing????) Her Uncle is a member in New Jersey. She is so sensitive to The Spirit. and we just knocked on her door our first few days here and taught her last week. She is Amazing. She was really keen on The Book of Mormon being from her Ancestors. Then we have another investigator who was found by a member in Wolverhampton. But there was a slight issue, he speaks very little English, and speaks Latin Languages because he is from Guinea. So.... Elder Matheus Speaks Spanish!!! And He is AMAZING!!!! He is Preparing to Be Baptised on the 28th of April. My Testimony of Member Missionary work has grown. So The Lord is pouring out The Blessings, and we are just trying to keep up with it all:) Every once in a while I will have one of those moments where I will reflect on The Experiences I have had on my Mission, and can't explain how close I feel to The Experiences, and people I have met on my Mission. Missionary work forges the most unusual, and un-breakable friendships. Yep. Things are going really good. What else? I think My Testimony of The Scriptures grows more, and more Everyday. I am reading about Paul, and it makes me so Excited to be where I am. And how Missionary work really is Hard work in everything. Me, and Elder Matheus are SOO Tired every night!!! But I Love it so much. One of The Best feelings ever. Guess what else?:) Another of our investigators is getting Baptised on Friday. The Lord weaves us exactly where we need to be. He knew he needed help, and not out of Worthiness out of me or Elder VK. But we were able to find him with God's hand behind us. I wish you guys could see the change in him. Literally becoming new. Fresh, and Clean. I have NEVER seen someone change so much in so little of time. It was such a sweet experience sitting by him at conference. I can't remember who it was, but when I was sitting by him a speaker was talking about Missionaries, and Their Converts:) And because it is close I get to go there with Elder Matheus. I am grateful that Elder Matheus gets to see that in England we do Baptise no matter what other people say because this is God's work, not man's. Hey guess what song I am Listening to? O Holy Night:) Anyway, I am going to go watch some Mormon Messages. Then go Grocery Shopping. Mom! We made a list of everything we are eating this week, and made a grocery list, and it reminded me of you. Believe it or not I have Loved being really organised:) "Silent Night" just sayin'. And that makes me SOOOOOOOOOOOOO Happy that kit Loves Nicola's Book:) That made my whole day reading that. Well, I Love you guys. Thanks for your goodness , I know you will be Blessed for it. And Thanks for inspiring me Because my Mission is yours too, and you play a huge part in Blessing people's lives here. I know this really is God's work, and I am more Converted to Christ now more than ever. I want to build everything I have on That Perfect Son of God. The Saviour of the World. With Love, Elder Wilson

April 8th Email

I don't even know how to express my feelings. I Love The words of Prophets and Apostles. It is so good to hear things are good for you guys. Dad, I meant that My Companion is 18:) We met some really good people this week. My Birthday was good, it was Special because we got to Preach The Gospel then hear a Prophets Voice. And Elder Jones is The District Leader in the District next to us and so I got to see him at the stake center and he gave me a really meaningful Letter to me on saturday. In the Beginning of Preach My Gospel it says that More Happiness waits than you have ever expeienced as you labor among those whom you are called to serve. I had no Idea how true that statement would be. I wish you could feel what I feel when I think of the friends, and memories I have had. It seems as if no one could have ever been more happy, or Blessed. On Friday we had Katy, and Adam from Lincoln come have Lunch with us and that was really really Wonderful! The work has been moving a long. We couldn't get anyone to Conference. Which was hard, but you move on. Simon was there and I couldn't believe he has changed even in a few weeks. Miracles happen everyday! Oh so Language study is pretty cool We will do Role play's in Chinese! Well......... He will Speak in Chinese then will translate into English for me:) But I am picking up like 2 percent of what he says:) And then while he is studying and Grammar I will go cook some Super good lunch! (Sort of) And I Listen to Talks and stuff. Anyway, I Loved all of The talks. All were so good. There is so much good in this troubled world. And Because we Love it we can not shy away and say it's doing alright. I LOVED Elder Bednar's talk, and Elder L. Tom. Perry's talk. So Bold. I want you guys to know that I know that I do know that The Lord Lives. And God's Presence walks with us more than we think. The Authority I have as a Missionary is real. When I use it in Righteousness. And to bless the lives of The Children of God. The Priesthood is a real power. Thank you for The Prayers. They help so much more than probably any of us understand. Love, Elder Wilson

April 1st Email

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey. New Area? AMAZING. Companion: Elder Matheus? (Same person as Elder Vilchez, long story...) AMAZING! He Speaks chinese, and Spanish and I just give em' a good thumbs up and Smile:) Haha it's Great. In The three days we had to work in the Area we got 6 new Investigators! I know it wasn't us at all. It's The Lord Because your Prayers, and others Prayers for us. People around here just listen! It's amazing!! We had a bunch of people who just let us in right off the bat. So we just had to SWING AWAY. :) But yeah, we started teaching a Family from The Caribbean a guy from Zimbabwe, and an English guy. And got a ton of Chinese Potential Investigators, and just loads of Success in General. It was really good for Elder Matheus to have that to start with. He has Heaps of Faith, So I Love having him set the goals at Nightly Planning because that ensures we will Have a lot of work to live up to The next day:) He is an Amazing kid, one of these Army of 18. I Love Training Him! I want to do this for the rest of My Mission!! But Anyway, sounds like you guys had a Great week!!! Easter egg hunt? That's sweet. And Mom, and Dad. Your Answers to my question were Perfect. We had Interviews this last week, and I was talking to President Rasmussen about Receiving Revelation. It is so Amazing How Heavenly Father knows how to guide all of us, and individually what we will Respond to. I heard about Simon some more, and He shaved off his beard and hasn't been Drinking at all. It is So good to hear that. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is so much powerful than I ever could of thought. I learned a lot about Heavenly Father's Patience, and Love for us Teaching him. I am so Happy that I will get to go to his Baptism and See him at General Conference! Oh By The Way!!! the lady we found in Lincoln playing The guitar at The Catholic Church? She Got Baptised on Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got to call her Friday afternoon:) My Heart is so full you guys. I Love when Dad tells me all about The Sports:) And I can't Believe how much Missionaries are coming out! I feel super Bad for all The Mission Presidents having to deal with all these things. They are struggling getting enough flats in our Mission. But this is The Lord's work so Hakuna Matata! So yeah. We are working hard, Loving life. I Love My Mission. I Love Elder Matheus! And I Love The Lord. Dedicated Service to Him is so so much more in return than I could ever Put out. Anyway, me and The Elders are going to have a game of Risk so....... yeah. I Love you guys!! Truly, Thank you for The Prayers. Love, Elder Wilson

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March 25th Email

Easter egg hunt ehh? Nice! It was a pretty sweet week. Dad's email was about a lot of the things I have been thinking about. Easter is Amazing to me. I have contemplated a lot on my feelings of Jesus Christ. Without His Light, I would have no Hope but thank goodness for that Foundation:) So Jasmine gave her farewell?? That is way Exciting!!! Tell Her hi, and good luck for me! She will do Amazing:-) So this week was Good. One of our investigators is progressing a lot. Changing a lot, and it is so Exciting seeing that change. On Saturday we played Basketball with him, and this other recent convert and it was super fun. He Loved it loads. But there has been quite a bit of snow and they only had Sacrament meeting yesterday. There was only like twenty people at church or so. Next week when I Email I will be with Elder Vilchez, so that will be crazy fazy applesauce. Oh, so with thew Mormon Musical thing going to London? I don't know if you guys have heard but The Church is doing this MASSIVE Advertising Campaign. So in London ALL over there is Mormon Message stuff. It's Fantastic. And then this coming Sunday all of The Ward Mission team and Missionaries will be Training on talking to Friends about The Gospel. Really Exciting. It is a bit nerve-racking going into another new area already, but I am excited about it. I can't believe how much things have changed in the last few months for me haha. But It's all for a reason. There have been times where all I could rely on was Heavenly Father. And that is a very Interesting feeling. Broken things are what God uses. And submitting to the Will of God, is a Beautiful thing. But Me, and Elder VK have had a good time, and some really good laughs:) We couldn't see one of our investigators this week because he got stuck in traffic, and we were trying to fix this person's tire... Tomato, Potato. Dad, what is the biggest thing you have learned since becoming Bishop? And you too Mom? How is The Missionary work going? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm What else has happened? Elder Vk's Bike has broke so we have been taking the bus... Always a new experience on the bus haha. Have you guys ever heard this thing called "The Garden"? Michael Mclean did it with a few other people. It's called an Allegorical Oratario, it is really really Inspiring. So I will probably have a lot more to say this week. But Thank you for The Prayers. They do so much for me. Mine are with you guys too. God Lives, I know it. Jesus Christ paid The Price for us. Everything Good points towards that Great Sacrifice. Conversion is like that Regina Spektor song from Narnia. "It started out as a feeling which grew into a Hope, which then turned into a quiet thought, which then turned into a quiet word. Then That word grew Louder, and Louder until it was a BATTLE CRY!" Something like that. I Love you guys. Have an amazing week. Thanks for EVERYTHING. Sincerely, Elder Wilson

March 18th Email

Your Email's were really funny! I was laughing super hard. You guys are the best. Sounds like an eventful week. It's been a good week for us. We taught that greek guy. He is Amazing! He is very weary of organised religion because of experience with it, but he is growing very fond of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints:-) He was telling us how in the Greek Bible that when Jesus was talking to peter and was asking him for those final time if he Loved him. And the first two replies that Peter Gave to Him was that he had deep affection for him because he was ashamed after so strongly saying that He would die with him but then denied him three times. But the Third, and final time The Saviour asked "Do you Love ME? Peter's Reply was that he did LOVE Him. And that was the Transformation. He is Loving The Book of Mormon too. One of my favorite things as a Missionary is the following up on The Book of Mormon with people who have that real intent. You can see when they are starting to catch that vision. It is one of the best feelings. Another of our investigators is doing great. Struggling a bit. But I am Proud of him for his tremendous effort. So the Sheldon ward has been struggling because a lot of their members have moved away recently. So they really need some Priesthood Holders. And this last week a Member from Romania moved in, and he tried to get to church yesterday but got lost. But we had his phone number so we called him trying to find him knowing only that he was at a tesco somewhere in Birmingham Because we couldn't understand each other. His English is very minimal. But we spent about an hour and a half looking for him and finally we found him. It brought a new meaning to me of Finding The Lost Sheep:-) But we found them and he was with his nephew and walked with them to the church and taught them a bit of English. Then after getting permission we gave him The Sacrament with the only thing we had; a bit of chocolate. Seeing him partake of The Sacrament Changed something in me. There is something very unique about him and I know without a doubt that he is literally an answer to the prayers of The Sheldon ward. An Honourable, and Worthy Priesthood holder. We have been studying a lot on The Atonement as a Zone and it has been a really good Adventure:-) I think I am seeing more and more of that vision. The Lord wants all of His Children with Him. And I am trying to do my Best to gather them. I still can be a lot better though, but I am working on it:-) That is pretty crazy about cody's foot! And Jordan got another Scooter!? We had a D.A. With the italian family on saturday:-) Well. I Love you guys. I am still happy. I still fall. But I know I am where I need to be. And I know Consistently, and Dilligently Living The Gospel is where we can be happy. I Love you! Love, Elder Wilson

March 11th Email

I really needed the email's this week. Thanks. We had four Investigators at church yesterday! And one of our investigators will be getting Baptised on April 19th. Which is Amazing. Since I am so close I will be able to go to The Baptism. He is such a funny guy, he is struggling a bit with The Word of Wisdom. And has been involved with Hippy-ish things in the past so it brings a good experience to teaching Him:-) When we found him he already had a Book of Mormon that he bought from some guy at a hostel... haha. Tell Brachen Congradulations! What a guy. Tell Rylan hi for me too. I Love them:-) That is way cool that Chris anderson's cousin is coming here! I will definitely look out for him. Oh, Dad so how it will work with him learning Chinese is just that we will still work together. But I guess pretty much it's so that Chinese people feel more comfortable talking to us. I think it's mainly for the talking to them on the street. I will learn a bit of chinese too Probs. Nothing like him though haha. But we will be studying from 8 till 12 average on everyday:-) But there is another fairly new Missionary that is around us and they might study together sometimes but I don't know. The Office Couple Missionaries are in our ward in Sheldon so Sister Morris was telling me about the flat. Apparently it's really nice so that should be good. And she brought me your guys package:-) Thank you so much for that!!! Army Men!!!!!!!! One of the biggest things I am learning now is that I want to be someone that The Lord can Trust. And Mom, thanks for writing in the journal:-) I heard about one of our investigators in Lincoln, she is just ready for The Gospel and will be Baptised on March 30th. So The Lord is blessing us. One of the other investigators is doing really good and Loves Church but she has quite a few health issues but she is Amazing. Oh, and dad that Book on The Atonement, that's from Brad Wilcox isn't it? I listened to a talk from him called "His Grace is Sufficient" He is super good. Thank you for your words Dad. I needed them. Sometimes it can be really tough. But so Rewarding. And if it isn't really tough, I probably should be working a bit harder:-) I Love you guys Loads. Thank you thank you thank you for The Prayers. I hope you have an Amazing week. I pray for you too. Love, Elder Wilson

March 4th Email

Hey Guys!!!! It has been a Great week. I am supposed to have my new Companion right now but he is in the Provo MTC until March 27th learning Chinese:-) His name is Elder Vilchez, and speaks Spanish too AND is from Kaysville!! So I am really Excited about that. And we are going to be White washing into the Harbourne ward which is still in Birmingham. Harbourne is at the very Heart of Birmingham so it should be really good. I'm doing this thing where for each transfer I will study a Christlike Attribute Thouroughly. So for the next 6 weeks it's Faith. Our investigator came to church again! It was really good. He is definitely seeing the difference in us I think. Elder VK has been sick this week so it's been hard to work. And I'm dying to get out and work harder haha. But we did have a Really Amazing New Investigator last night. This guy named from Greece. He is a Biblical Scholar and basically explained The Restoration to us to the Apostasy. It was way crazy. But We couldn't teach him for long so we will be back soon:-) He is a really nice guy though. I was Amazed at his understanding of The Gospel. And we started teaching this Cristadelphian (Not sure if that is spelled right) Family. I wanted to say Happy Birthday to Scout! That is so crazy that she is one! And Kit will be three soon! Just too crazy. I Love hearing about you guys going to The Temple:-) SPring is coming Eh? I think it is here too but you never know. It has been really sunny for the past few days so that has been good. It's kind of sad leaqving sheldon just after barely getting here, it is a really good place to be. But Oh well I guess:-) UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Yeah it should be a really good week coming up. I have been reading Jacob 5 and drawing like a comic book and it is helping me learn a lot! It's pretty cool. Mom, I completely agree with the Education thing. I had no idea how to effectively study haha. And now I am learning a liiiitle bit more. But it's good. As Always, Thanks for being the best. I Love you guys. I Love The Lord. Have an Amazing week. Love, Elder Wilson P.S. Look at the size of that forehead!

Monday, February 25, 2013

February 25th Email

Hello! Thank you thank you thank you for the emails. Tell Kraig hi for me!!! I can't believe he is home! And that is so Exciting about The Baptism! Keep finding and finding. So many people need this. Haha Everyone needs it. SO.... I have been called to be a Trainer of a new Missionary. I am really excited about this!!! But kind of scared. Because I still feel young in the Mission to do this, and with the shorter MTC experience The Trainers have a lot more responsibility. President Rasmussen really Emphasized that at the Trainers meeting. It was funny, they said for the first time there was more sisters to be training than Elders because this is the start of all the Missionaries coming in. But it will be a really good Experience, and I will figure out tonight. It's a possibility I might be white washing into an area but most likely not because I am already brand new in this area. I will do my Very Best. The Lord Blessed us and we got four new Investigators this week! And they are really good! This guy named Simon came to church yesterday. We knocked on his door, and yeah just started teaching him. He has a sweet beard, and I am slightly jealous... But Seriously, he is someone who has been looking for Truth, and feels very confused. And I could almost literally see worries in his life melt away as we were at church. And we found this Muslim family, Then there is this Lovely older Woman from Zimbabwe, who is so nice. She came as a referral from another ward in Birmingham. This city is very Interesting. It just has like every sort person and culture you could think of. And I mean it haha. The ward is really small, but really Amazing. Listen to this, The Bishop is German and his job takes him to Israel all the time. That's two Bishops that I ahve served with that have had jobs that take them there! So I was asking him loads of questions about it yesterday:-) And he acts like brad, and sounds like him so it is way cool. THEN a member in The Bishopric is Italian! (From Northern Italy though) And do you want to know where he served his Mission?!!!?? The Boston Massachusets Mission from 1998 to 2000. So yesterday when we were at the Bishops for dinner it was crazy becasue he had a friend from portugal over. And so they were all speaking all these languages haha. It was really cool to see though. That's pretty crazy about the snow! It has been really cold here but surprisingly not too much snow or even rain! Thanks for sharing what is going on back home. I Love hearing about you guys. Especially the Pre school stories:-) I wish you guys could see President Rasmussen in action. He said so many things that really touched me at the trainers meeting. He expressed that him and Sister Rasmussen want more than anything for their Missionaries to come unto Christ themselves. And that is what we should want as Trainers. He told us that when he was little his dad would say to him "Craig, you have two ears, and one mouth, act accordingly" Something I have learned a lot is how Important it is to actually listen to people, and actually think about them. Before in my life I had a strong Testimony, but it wasn't enough I don't think. Over the last few months of my life I have been more, and more Converted to Jesus Christ. I understand slightly more why President Houtz and others Love referring to Him as The Master. The things Preach My Gospel, and The Scriptures teach are True. Because I have felt The Atonement in my life I want nothing more than other people to feel this sweet, sweet Peace. And see The Perspective that The Gospel Brings. We don't even understand The Happiness that will come from Honorably returning Home. I Love you guys. I Love being Missionary. I want to invite you guys to do what Grandpa always says. Write in your Journals. I know that when you will do it you will see The Hand of God and where it has guided you. Then you will know how to ACT when a similiar Experience comes a long. I have seen these Blessings, and there have been moments where I know I have been on The Lords Errand. I will ever be Grateful for those Oppurtunities. I need them. Thanks for being The Best. It is always said, but I wouldn''t be here if It wasn't for the lessons you taught me. Those memories have been a training ground for me, and Holy ground too. All My Love, Elder Wilson

February 18th Email

Hey! I am in Birmingham, in a ward called Sheldon. It was really tough leaving Lincoln. We just started having so much Blessings from The Lord. But now I am in Birmingham, we have no one to teach. And a few Less active's. My Companion is Elder Van Kerchoven, But just goes by Elder VK. (From Belgium:-) It was insanely hard leaving my Companions, and Lincoln. I felt very much attatched to that City. But a new Chapter is about to unfold in my life. And I am excited to see where it is going to go. We are going to be doing a lot of finding:-) Which is exciting! President Rasmussen has shown us this wonderful way of finding, and I have seen Miracles from it already. One of our investigators is going to be Baptised in March. She is Literally like the Scriptures say "Elect". It means so much that we were able to find her through Music. The Lord is So Amazing. I didn't know about our recent convert's kids???????????? That means so much to me. I Love that Family so so so so soooooooooo so so Much. Thats sweet that you found that guy who went here! But I don't really know what else to say. Oh, I was by myself travelling which was quite terrifying to be honest haha. But Something I would like to say is that I know that we will find people here if we are being Obedient to God's Commandments, and The Mission Rules. I have gained a Testimony of that. I Love being able to Feel The Spirit and to say what God would have me say, or do what He would have me do. It has changed my life, and I am beginning to see clearer. Oh, and I am serving near Elder Jones! Woot!!!!!!!! So things are pretty good:-) I am really excited to get to work here, you guys are the best. I have so much Love in my heart, and it feels so full as I read your Email's. I Love you so much. Have an Amazing week. Love, Elder Wilson

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

February 11th Email

Loved The emails!!! Did one of the kids say that I was a Cheeky Monkey??? I don't really know how to explain what it means haha. Cheeky means that you like to raz a little bit. So they just say cheeky monkey as a phrase. So we taught our one investigators, and it was so good. She said that when she comes to know it's True she will be Baptised, but she wouldn't set a date. She is SO cool!! When I went With The Zone Leaders on Thursday Guess where I got to go? TO a Baptismal Interview of a guy I taught with Elder Zundel, and Elder Jones!! That was SOOOOOOO Good. It felt weird being in Leicester though, but still really good. SO the thing in Stroud was really cool, Stroud is Incredibly, and unbelievably Beautiful. There was actually Mountains there! (Hills) The music arrangements were slightly cheesy but The Spirit was there and that is all that matters. So when I got back Elder Taylor, and Elder Watt asked if I remembered talking to this lady, and I couldn't remember. But She had called The Mission office and talked to one of the Ap's and asked for Elder Wilson. Me, and The Missionary Missionary Jared Williams had talked to her. So we went, and had a lesson with her on saturday and I recognized her. And it was a lady we just talked to for like a minute and I didn't think she would be interested at all. But she is really good, but really shy too. And She came to to church yesterday! And Accepted to be Baptised on MArch 30th. I am being so blessed as a Missionary. It is so crazy that we didn't have too much going on here, but President Rasmussen still knew that this place would catch fire and it really has these last few weeks. President Rasmussen is So Amazing! He is teaching us to have Christ the center of our lives. And he wants everyone in the Mission to be Obedient. So he says "No Lost Missionaries." Oh, I have been crazy sick these last few days too. They made me stay in last night which was slightly upsetting. But it's just this like random cold thing, at church I literally couldn't keep my eyelids open, But I am feeling better now. It just feels like a regular cold now though so It's all good. One of our other investigators is doing really good, apparently in relief society she basically said that she would be Baptised! She is so cool too! But we figured out that a MASSIVELY huge obstacle why she hasn't been Baptised is because her husband doesn't support her so she wanted him to see that this wasn't just something silly that she got into for the moment but that it actually means a lot to her. Last Transfer was really cool because she is REALLY Smart, and into Pagan Nature stuff. But Just randomly in the middle of the lesson Elder Taylor asked is she Believed that Jesus Christ was the Savior and she said yes. But then had a confused look on her face, and said that she didn't know why she said that but she Believed it. I am slowly learning more, and more that I am not alone in this work. It isn't just me, and two other Elders. We are getting so much help. Oh, Mom it snowed last night here too haha. Zone Conference is this week so that is pretty Exciting! I can not Believe we are already midway through Transfers. But things are going really good. I Love you guys tons. Thanks for The Prayers, They are really making Miracles. Have an Amazing week. Love, Elder Wilson

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January 28th Email

It was Super good hearing from you guys. Dad, Rodan hahahaha. That is way good! Being in this Trio is Preety much the best ever. We have Loads of fun, and we work super hard. We have some sweet ideas too. Like next P-day we are going to buy individual action figures for each of us haha. Elder Watt is way sweet!!!!!!! We have had some sweet jamming sessions together. (Musically, and Spiritually) He jokes a ton about Lochness, and It's hilarious! And on Saturday..... We ate Haggis!!!!! It actually wasn't too bad:-) Like it was pretty terrifying thinking of what it was, but it actiually didn't taste half bad. I have Hilarious Companions, and I have laughed more than probs my whole life! The work is moving a long. We Invited two people to Be Baptised. This guy we talked to walking his dog then a recent converts little brother. They both softly committed. But they are way cool. And unlike loads of our other Investigators the first guy Is Married!!!! We are teaching so many people who are living together. haha. So the Law of Chastity is like best ever. A cool story about some Investigators we got. So we went to the finch's for a DA (Dinner Appointment/Divine Access) then after went finding and we said a prayer to know where to go, then I thought of The Mcolley's in our ward. And There is a Macualay Drive so we went to that street and the first door we knocked on let us in and we taught The Restoration. Their Daughter was with them for the night because it had been snowing too hard and couldn't make it back to Boston where she lives. And she was reading through The Restoration Leaflet and read the bit in Amos about there being a famine for hearing The Words of The Lord. She told us that that is exactly how she feels. The Mom is SOOOO Cool! She is a choir Teacher and is like Mrs. Kirby! It's so Amazing how The Lord knows everything. I just can't comprehend how Loving God is. It's super tough out here, but I am feeling myself Stretch so much. I have been really blessed with my companions you guys. We were talking to this homeless guy asking what we could do for him and Elder Watt took off his gloves and gave them to him. That touched my heart. Elder Taylor, and Elder Watt have The Biggest Hearts. So life is really good here in Lincoln, I feel so deeply attatched to this place. When I first got here I didn't feel comfortable in England, and didn't think it could ever feel like home. But The Longer I am here the more I Love this Beautiful place. I have met so many Amazing people. There was a few days where I was tallying how much people we would tract into because I was curious, and on average we talk to over sixty people a day. So I was thinking that I have talked to so many people and tried to share The Gospel with them. And I ahve heard so many stories I am trying to write at least like one story I hear a day from people in my journal. It's tough because we try and invite them to Christ, and some times I feel like I'm not trying hard enough. Maybe I should have asked just one more Inspired Question. But I guess you can't dwell on that. There are people out there just waiting for "The Word of The Lord" Just like that girl said. This might sound Random but there is this lady crying on the computer next to me, and I want to help her! But I Don't know how! Thats why I started explaining about how I feel bad, I can do better. Sorry this is so random haha. I better get going I Love you guys. I think about you a lot, and it makes me smile and stuff:-) And it inspires me to be better. The Lord Lives. I know it because I have felt His Presence, and Heard His Voice By The Spirit. All My Love, Elder Wilson

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January 23rd Email

Hey guys! I am getting a new Companion........ With Elder Taylor!!! WOoooooot!!!! :-) We are going to be in a trio, because President feels that we can really tear up Lincoln so he is giving us some Extra Power to get Lincoln rolling. His Name is Elder Watt. And He is a Scott!!!! We are pretty Excited about it, some members knew people who knew him haha. And they said he plays Guitar!!!!! It's gonna be Stupendous. I will write longer next week, but soon we have to go pick up our new Brother. Me, And Elder Taylor are hoping to stay together another few. We have had some of The Best Experiences I have ever had in my life the last few weeks. We got six new Investigators last week you guys. I am feeling really good about them too. Thomas got his call? That's way sweet:-) Elder Jones has a really good Friend in that Mission. I've heard it's pretty crazy:-) I Love hearing about you guys going to The Temple. This week I have been thinking about how Important it is to get Recent Converts To The Temple doing work. Because Generally Speaking They are going to have a whole network of Family who Needs those Ordinances. I guess because My Faith, And Knowledge of The Atonement is Deepening, So is my Emotional Attatchment to The Principle That The Worth of ALL Souls is Great in The Sight of God. So I got a call from Ashley last night!!!!! That was so Awesome to hear from him:-) I forgot how distinct The Leicester accent is haha. I Love that guy. So yeah, I have had some of the most Spiritual Experiences, and the most fun Experiences lately:-) Life is super Great:-) But I better ger going. I Love you guys. Keep up The Missionary work. We all have that Divine Mandate to Love, and Serve. I Know now more than ever that there is a God, and Indeed He Sent His Son to Save us all. My Master, My King, The Saviour Jesus Christ. Shall we not go on so Great a cause?:-) Sincerely, Elder Wilson