Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April 8th Email

I don't even know how to express my feelings. I Love The words of Prophets and Apostles. It is so good to hear things are good for you guys. Dad, I meant that My Companion is 18:) We met some really good people this week. My Birthday was good, it was Special because we got to Preach The Gospel then hear a Prophets Voice. And Elder Jones is The District Leader in the District next to us and so I got to see him at the stake center and he gave me a really meaningful Letter to me on saturday. In the Beginning of Preach My Gospel it says that More Happiness waits than you have ever expeienced as you labor among those whom you are called to serve. I had no Idea how true that statement would be. I wish you could feel what I feel when I think of the friends, and memories I have had. It seems as if no one could have ever been more happy, or Blessed. On Friday we had Katy, and Adam from Lincoln come have Lunch with us and that was really really Wonderful! The work has been moving a long. We couldn't get anyone to Conference. Which was hard, but you move on. Simon was there and I couldn't believe he has changed even in a few weeks. Miracles happen everyday! Oh so Language study is pretty cool We will do Role play's in Chinese! Well......... He will Speak in Chinese then will translate into English for me:) But I am picking up like 2 percent of what he says:) And then while he is studying and Grammar I will go cook some Super good lunch! (Sort of) And I Listen to Talks and stuff. Anyway, I Loved all of The talks. All were so good. There is so much good in this troubled world. And Because we Love it we can not shy away and say it's doing alright. I LOVED Elder Bednar's talk, and Elder L. Tom. Perry's talk. So Bold. I want you guys to know that I know that I do know that The Lord Lives. And God's Presence walks with us more than we think. The Authority I have as a Missionary is real. When I use it in Righteousness. And to bless the lives of The Children of God. The Priesthood is a real power. Thank you for The Prayers. They help so much more than probably any of us understand. Love, Elder Wilson

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