Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 19th Email

That is crazy that there is a New Stake President! Things are good in Swansea, I am Loving it over here. We drive through all the villages, and it is so pretty here. Oh Mom, you said that our ancestors came from bluebell perhaps? I have looked at the maps and I can't find a bluebell, but we live right by a little town called Blue Anchor? If that was where we come from that would be so Amazing because we are only like a ten minute drive from there. And it's right by all the cool Beach places. The Week was good, we had interviews and Zone Meeting. It was cool we didn't plan it but the theme ended up in a way being how we are not alone in this work. Sometime's we feel like LONE SOLDIERS with our Companion's but we talked about The Missionary Force. and Even more than that is we have Angels, and Heavenly Father's help. So we saw some sheep this week, and that was pretty good stuff. hahaha There are sheep everywhere! I Love it!!!! For some reason they make me laugh. Oh also another cool thing, I was In Merthyr Tydfil on Exchange and that is where David O. McKay's wife is from!! There was a plaque on her old house and it said they lived in huntsville, and married in Ogden! That was pretty weird to see!! I hope Sariah's Birhtday was good!!! It was one of our Investigator's Birthdays this week, but we made her some cookies! It was awesome!!!! Well I better get going though. Sorry it is kind of short. Things are Amazing though, I am way Happy. I Love you guys so much. And Thank you for your Prayers. Love, Elder Wilson

August 12 Email

Dear Family, First of all, He was Baptised. It was Amazing, Dad, there is something Special about him. He wants to serve a Mission, and he will be an Amazing Missionary lik Alma the younger. If he serves in The UK he will relate to so many people. And he has loads of Love too! One of my investigators from Birmingham was Baptised too!!!!! God is good. Believe it or not I got transferred again. I still live on a Whale though, which is Stupendous! Even crazier is that THE DREAM TEAM is Back together!!! I am serving with Elder JONES in Swansea! It is pretty crazy serving with him again, he was my second companion and I served with him in Leicester. It is way weird because I have already served with him for three transfers, and this will be my fourth transfer with him. I Love it though because we were both fresh out when we served together before, I am hoping to serve with him for the rest of his Mission till December haha. That would be amazing:) So if we do I will have served with him for 9 month's!!! We have some way good plans for the Zone though. We have had a lot of good talks and we realised why we did so well in Leicester was because we had way good Comp Unity so we feel that we want the Missionaries here to have Companionship unity and Have Christ as the Centre of their life. And other things will follow. When we give our hearts to God, we will be serving everyone else, then The Baptism's will come. So I guess our focus is The Love they have rather than the skills they acquire. Both are Important though. I don't think I can really put into any words how excited I am to serve with Elder Jones again, I could try to put it into some format of words. But I think it is Enough to tell you guys to read Alma 17, and it is how I feel. I Love Elder Jones. Tender Mercies of The Lord:) Life is good here! They have some Amazing Investigator's here too! It is way weird coming into an area with Investigator's haha. But I Love it. We are teaching a lady, and she is from Belfast Ireland too!!!!!! That is here Allanah is from!!! It is way cool. She is way funny, and then there is another kid. he is a really cool guy who is Christian. Swansea is BEAUTIFUL! I think today we are going to cycle to the beach, but it is way cool because we get to drive all over! We are in The biggest zone in the Mission and both of us love the outdoor's! We Get to drive all over Wales, and Preach the Gospel!! We are going to try and do a Mini Mission with Ashley while we are serving together too which would be way good. The ward is super cool, and has connection's to Ogden! A Member's Brother lives in Ogden, I talked to him yesterday because he is visiting here. He Lives in down town Ogden kind of by Standard Examiner and works at the George Washington School. Small world? Oh!! The Address! Are ya'll ready for some Welsh? Good stuff eh? I better get going now but I do know that The Lord cares about us. And God does Answer Prayers, I have been a witness of it this week. I do want to Magnify my calling, and I Believe I am learning how to do it. I Love The people here, and I think that is one of the Biggest Secrets. Love The People, and The Land. I am not sure if I shared it with you guys yet but there is a welsh Phrase That I Love. "To be born welsh is to be born Privilleged, not with a silver spoon in your mouth. But with music in your blood, and poetry in your soul" This place is Home for me. I feel very Blessed right now. I Love you guys, and I will Pray for you:) God Bless, Elder Wilson

August 5th Email

Ok so time is pretty scarce today! We have a zone P-day to set up and Transfers are this week. Setting up the flats was good! We went and did some finding and got some really good stuff going on. I am super Jealous of the flat though, it is right outside a Castle, and there are loads of people to talk to. Yesterday at church some BYU Students played the violin and Piano, it was so Peaceful because I could hear the sound of the rain outside. They played Come Follow me, It was Beautiful. It made me think of all the Memories on My Mission, I have had some Amazing Areas, and Friends too. I have also been thinking about how Powerful Friendship is. The kid is doing AMAZING!!!! He is so good gah! He wants to serve a Mission and Everything. He is going to be coming to the Zone P day so that will be way cool! He is getting Baptised on Saturday. Today I was reading a talk and it spoke of our Ancestors and Families, and It made me think how much help I recieve from My Family. In and out of this world. I am so grateful fo The Help, I Need it. But he is an Amazing kid, he bore his Testimony Yesterday:) He was so nervous haha! We had a MASSIVE Thunderstorm this week!! It was way cool!!! Oh! also word on the street is that I am going to be a Grandpa!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohooo!!! Elder Matheus! Well anyway, I better go. I Love you guys. The Gospel is The Light that can help ANY Problem. I Love The Lord. And I Love you guys. Thank yo for everything. Elder Wilson

July 29th Email

Hey! Once again, not a lot of time to email. The Computers in the libraries aren't the greatest so yeah. That is so Awesome that The Mitchell's were over!!! Sister Mitchell Dyed her hair!!!! Hahahah she hates it when we call her sister Mitchell. I Love that family:) This week was crazy, I was on an exchange in Blackwood. Alex Boye served there so that is pretty cool. Oh and we have a Member in the ward who Elder Quentin L. Cook Baptised too. Bob Jones! He has a big white Beard:) So that is pretty fun facts. Oh, Cwmbran is spelled right haha. Welsh:) And Dad, yes I did see that picture it looks way good. There are some nice sun sets here too! It is good to hear about what is going on in the ward. I need to write Kaden.... The Work is good here, we got six new Investigators and the kid i talked about last week is doing good! We did some Service at the Bishops house and the Bishop here is so cool.... It was hilarious, we got this super random text from him the other day and we were way confused. When we got there he told us how he was texting random Lyrics from songs to his friend that he went to school with. But the one he sent to us was some Reggae romantic song hahaha it was way funny. But he listens to Radiohead, oasis and all that good stuff:) And he is a really hard working Bishop, I am super Grateful for him. And his wife's family is from Ireland. Irish people are so good! Lets see. What else? The Rain is back which is good. The hot weather was weirding me out. But it was nice to have a change. At The Library they have Halloween stuff so that got me pretty excited:) Oh something else Crazy is the Assistants dropped off all of the Furniture for the new flats that are opening up next Transfer. So our study room is chuck full of shannanigans and it is driving me a little crazy. So this week we get to go set the flats up which will be pretty good, get to go do some finding with the Districts too so I am super Excited about that as well. So we will be teaching that kid a ton getiing him ready for Baptism and then Setting up flats. So it should be a good week. We will have some good finding too:) So yeah things are good. I do feel that I am Learing a lot right now on My Mission. There are tons of things for me to work on, But it is so good to feel That I am doing The Lord's work and giving it my Best Efforts. I Believe all of these things in The Restored Gospel, and my Conviction grows surer, and surer Everyday. I Love The Lord, and I am Grateful for My Time in His Full Service. The Memories I have are so Precious and dear to my heart. I Love you guys. Elder Wilson

July 22nd Email

Hey This week was way good. We started teaching this kid, he completely wants to change his life around and is preparing to get Baptised on 10 of August. Sounds like you guys had an eventful week...?:) Things have been crazy for us too, But whatever happens I know the Lord is in it. We have to do loads of stuff today it's crazy. With all of the new Missionaries coming in we have to help set up the flats before they get there so things are just crazy right now. But I am still Happy:) I am trying to think about the week to tell what happened? It feels lke i was just barely relating what happened last week. So crazy.... Hmmmm well bad news. i failed the TEST!!! it is so frustrating to me. I completely Aced the questonairre part of it but they have this thing called hazard pereption where they have a video and you have to click the mouse when you see a hazard. But if you click it too much it kicks you off and if it's too little you don't pass and I didn't click it enough. So i have been a bit flustered about that. But it's all good. This Morning I was reading President Uchtdorf's talk on Light and it Impacted me a lot. it helps me see my Purpose as a Missionary. I feel like I have been learning a lot about Ministering the last few weeks. And that makes sense about the card haha. No worries though I got it and everything is A-OK. I wrote a letter to you guys so hopefully you get that soon? Oh, and we did go to that place called Cwmcarn Forest. it was super Beautiful, bu it is just weird without wildlife. We saw an owl, and a pidgeon haha. The Pidgeon looked kind out of place in a forest though.... Well i am going to have to cut this short. i Love you guys so much. Missionary work is Amazing. Just doing The Lord's will/ well, i Love you guys. Thanks for everything. I Thank Heavenly Father Everyday for it. Elder Wilson