Monday, July 1, 2013

May 6th Email

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Twas a good week. Started teaching some cool people. One who is Muslim, and reads a lot. We just Hope that he will Diligently and Prayerfully read The Book of Mormon. Then a lady who has been searching for Truth in church so we are excited about that. She is Loving the Book of Mormon. I got to see Elder Watt this week, and that was really really exciting. I Loved all The Scottish stuff he would talk about. Things in Harborne are good. We went to a museum today, and there was world war two stuff and I was buzzin for it. Your guys Emails were really good. Cody, and Charlyse moving?? That sounds Awesome!!! Oh before I forget. Yes, we can skype:) I will be calling at like 5-ish here. So I think that is like 10 in the morning there? Yep Something like that. Way Excited to talk to you guys!!!!:) So The Weather has been wonderful. For the last three days or so just sun, and it is crazy. Probs the best weather I have had on my Mission haha. Pretty crazy. It feels good to feel the sun every once in a while:) So we had a follow up training thing for Elder Matheus and President Rasmussen talked loads about having good studies, and it was pretty Amazing Actually. Pretty much how well it goes is in the details of what you do. Like how you need to be in a clean area, a quiet, and you need to have a good attitude. And then talked about setting Visions. I was Pretty excited about it. I dig Studying. This coming week is going to be more finding too. Oh, and last week we found a less active member on our way to the District Meeting!! That was pretty exciting. So Life is Great. Still learning loads, and I am happy that The Lord has me here. My Heart feels very full. It is wonderful seeing our recent convert. He calls me either his "Bro" or "Elder" Elder Matheus will be talking to him on the phone in spanish then he'll say "Elder! Elder!" And that is Elder Matheus's hint to give me the phone. Then when I get The Phone he will just keep saying "Thank you My Bro" It makes me super happy. Sorry this is a bit short. But I will talk to you very soon!!! I Love you guys so much. Thanks for The Support. President Rasmussen says that you guys are the fuel that keeps us going. Thank you. I Love you. Elder Wilson

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