Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8th Email

Hello, It has been a pretty great week! Sounds like it was pretty good for you guys too:) We were able to watch the Missionary Broadcast last night and that was definitely a Revelatory experience. I was boosted up a lot and I am excited we are going to try and get members watching that. I think it will build family unity, and move the work forward, I guess in essence Family Unity is The work so yeah:) Super good! Oh haha dad the area we live in is called splott! We also have a fish and tackle shop right by us and I dig that. We might actually go down to the bay today which would be nice. So we have had to do a lot of flat finding all over The place in Wales. When you get your call to serve a Mission you don't think about those kinds of things:) But it was good, and It is all The Lord's work. We weren't able to be in our area much which was kind of sad because we had flats to look at, Baptism Interviews, and we did do some good work with some Missionaries. and got some good things going. Angie in Birmingham is scheduled to be Baptised on the 4 of AugusT!!!!! Woot!!! We put in loads of work there opening it up and some really good things are going to start coming from it with all the people we started teaching there. That is super sweet about Garret Anderson!! Tell him congrats, he will be a super good Missionary. So I am Loving Wales more and more! It has been insanely warm here the last few days! It has been almost ninety degrees! It is crazy, haha I don't even know what's going on. I can not believe mom and dad are on facebook.............. I literally never thought I would hear of the day. But that is awesome? Haha I don't know. You guys like it? Oh and happy anniversary!!! I was going to put that in last week but there was too much on my mind. sorry about that. I hope it was Amazing:) I am taking my theory test in Merthyr on the 16th So Hopefully that goes well. I feel super bad that elder Thorup is driving loads, since I have been here we have drove so much. I think around a thousand miles, comin' up on it at least. Oh and I didn't serve with Elder Thorup in the trio that was Elder Taylor. Elder Thorup was the companion before Elder Taylor:) He is a funny guy. But things are good, I am happy. I am Loving ALL of the people i am called to serve. We have some really good Missionaries around here, i have already grown really close with a lot of them. I better get going though, I Love you guys a lot. thank you for everything. I know that God is in this work, now more than ever The work of God is going forth. And I am so grateful that I have been able to be a part of this. i Love The Lord, I am learning to Know The Lord too. I am working on my everyday interactions to be as Jesus Christ would do. I Love you! thank you for everything. Alma 5:12:) With Love, Elder Wilson

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