Monday, July 1, 2013

June 3rd Email

It sounds like a super crazy week!! Hopefully it goes better this week. That is crazy that the carpet is gone though. That would be pretty Adventerous with the tent. Hahaha dad, you should have been reading from first Nephi:) "And My Father Dwelt in a tent" ;) So the work was super super good this week. We got some new Investigators who are Catholic. They are an Awesome family. And we set up an Amazing week this week with loads of Potential Investigators. We are pretty much geeking out about it. So crazy stuff. I saw Sister Merrill on friday. We were both in the "Come unto Christ" Choir tour. It was in Gloucester, and Cheltenham and we have some family from Cheltenham so that felt really cool being there. It was actually a really cool feeling. Like I knew the place:) Well, at least felt that HOME-ness. So yeah seeing sister Merrill was possibly one of the weirdest things ever. I got out of the car pulling into Gloucester's Chapel then in the next car over she got out too. And my mind was super confused hahaha. But she is doing really good:) We had a really good time in The Choir, and the mayor of Cheltenham was there! She had this crazy medallion thing and it was pretty sweet stuff. It was like this massive golden chain thing. I am a bit Jealous of you guys in the tent... haha. That sounds sweet. So me, and Elder Matheus send random little emails to eachother whilst were emailing it is actually pretty hilarious:) A lady that we talked to on the street one day is in the library with us haha. Except we saw her twice. The first time we talked to her she just ignored us, but the second we had a good chat. So maybe we should be talking to her:) Did you guys know his family moved to ogden? It is pretty exciting. Oh dad. A few things on food. We cooked up some sweet Peruvian stuff the other day. It is like an omlet with noodles in it, it's actually really good:) And have you guys ever heard of a chinese hot pot? Yesterday after church all the chinese members fed us and had this hot pot. It is like a slow cooker/dutch oven. thing. I dunno it was so good though. You put like water and sauce in the hot pot then put meat in but you eat it as you go. So you don't eat it all at once. And they had these fishballs it is like a battered meatball but fish haha. It was awesome. The Chinese Members here are so hilarious! Elder Matheus said that he couldn't use chop sticks very well. And a recent convert told him that he should "Follow The Holy Ghost" I couldn't help but laugh... haha. So awesome. We are actually starting to have some good sucess finding chinese people too so things are really good. Well I know that this work I am about is True. Jesus Christ leads this cause. I am grateful to you guys. I Love you loads. Enjoy the tent:) The Gospel is True!!! Love Elder wilson

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