Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November 4th Email

Well Well Well I am still on the Wale!!! With Elder Barker too! Woot!!! Elder Barker is the man! So I am not entirely sure what your question about swansea was? Swansea is the city in which I serve, it is the name of the ward as well. But because there are multiple Missionaries in the ward and they cycle all of them cover the city of swansea and Elder Barker and I cover all of the villages in the ward Boundary. We don't even live in swansea we live in Gorseinon which is AMAZING!!!! So yoeah and as for "THE DODGE" It's just a word we use for transfer calls haha. I was just in a weird mood:) I thought the thing with the TV was Hilarious and Profound:) And I was laughing pretty hard about kit and scout when Jord was picking them up. This week was good, our people preparing for Baptism are going through some crazy times.... But one of our investigators is doing well! She is so funny, and she is from ireland by the way. So in Sacrament meeting yesterday there was a couple returning back to Wales and they were saying that Wales was the best place on earth then in the middle of it in sacrament meeting she yells out "Ireland!" it was pretty funny. She is definitely one of a kind:) So Transfers was crazy and we were running around all over the place but it was a good week over all. I feel like I am learning a lot of things. So life is good! And Wales is SO Beautiful!!! You should look up "The Gower" We cover the villages in there and we were tracting there the other day and we had to drive somewhere after and my goodness the drive back was SOOO Pretty!!!! I Love The Scriptures so much, they are changing me a lot and I feel like I am becoming better. It is good to hear Halloween went pretty well:) We had to be in by six so it wasn't too crazy for us haha. I am really growing a deeper Passion for Street contacting:) So much of Missionary work is numbers which is good but I am deciding only to think of numbers when we are planning and accounting other than that when we are out and about it is PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE!! I Love talking to People, especially when you are their Friend then The Gospel Naturally flows out of your mouth from your Heart. Well I Hope you all have a good week. I Love you lots! Read Ezra 10:4 that has pretty much become my favorite. Especially seeing why it says that. Love you Elder Wilson

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