Wednesday, November 6, 2013

October 21st Email

Hello! Thank you for the emails!! It has been a pretty good week! Some of the people are slipping more and more but there are some difficult circumstances. But one of our investigators is getting married in the next few weeks which I am WAAAAY Excited for!! Oh and We went on two exchanges in a row! That was interesting and for one I was in Aberystwyth again which is a Beautiful place. There were some big storms this week and the waves were really big:) Oh! Craziness!!! So Elder Chris Anderson? Well we got an Elder Here new from Albania and Elder Anderson served in his ward and when Elder Farrici was having visa issues but was set apart as a Missionary Elder Anderson was his companion! Elder Farrici is way good, and i am AMAZED at how fast he is learning English. He will do Great. That is good to hear about Mom's Birthday:) I thought of you a lot:) Hopefully you all start feeling better!!! We have a Busy week coming up again, and have interviews tomorrow so that should be good! So I have been reading about Josiah today in 2 Chronicles. He is Amazing, his dad was a bad guy but there is a phrase where it says something like Josiah SOUGHT The God of Israel, that is Powerful. Despite his rough upbringing The Light Of Christ rang True to him. I Love you all a lot, and am Grateful everyday for you. Smile Big, and i will too:) I Love you, I am Happy in The Service Of the God of Israel. Love you!!

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