Thursday, January 17, 2013

January 1st Email

Hey, It was so good talking to you guys. I thought you guys would like Elder Taylor:-) He is an Amazing Elder. (He's from EBM What do you expect?:-) We have some really good times together. Christmas was Fantastic, Boxing day was slow... I am a way relaxed person but It was hard not going out and doing what I am learning to Love most. Talking with People about The Lord, and His Plan. By Wednsday I felt Like Bella when I would wind her up and get her excited to go out and play in the snow:-) So the work has been good. We are going to start teaching some Incredible People you guys. I have this Great feeling Of Love Balled up inside of me and when I try to say something it comes out all jumbled a lot of the time, But I can have The Spirit, so when I teach people they can understand that I Love them. The Lord Loves them, and He has a lot of blessings in store for them. As long as they know that what else matters?:-) We went to Skegness yesterday so I got to see The Northern sea. It was way Beautiful. Also had to have fish and chips there. Really good:-) I have been getting way more into my studies lately... It is Strengthening me Heaps, and Bounds. The old Testament is actually Super Amazing!!! It is crazy that it is 2013!:-) Dad, I hope you have a great Birthday. You Deserve it. Thanks for always being an almost seemingly perfect example to everyone. You always do things to help everybody and I am trying to do that too. Thats way good to hear you have some snow. I want some!!! We got permission to email at some members because the libraries are closed and stuff. The Finch's is their name. They are an Amazing Family. I have reflected on this last year. I can not believe how fast time is going. I want it to stop sometimes!!! The more I Serve here, The more people I meet. The more I Love this wonderful Country. England is becoming more and more like My Home. Well I best be off. I Love you guys so much. Talk to you soon. Love, Elder Wilson

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