Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3rd Email

As always, Loved the letters and pictures! I am listening to The Devotional right now, and the Music is making me cry:-) This morning I was reading my Journal entries from a year ago and I read about that big storm:-) I have started on a new journal by the way! So Grandpa should like that too, I have actually become really attatched to doing it too. I try to keep The Experiences that I have, and have had Sacred so I store my thoughts and feelings in there. This week has been nothing short and is Worthy in all definitions of a wonderful Adventure:-) There has been crazy Experiences. Our one investigator will still probably get Baptised, her dad is not happy at all that she is getting Baptised. And he is everything to her so this is really hard. I have come to learn that men can be really stubborn haha. Our recent convert is doing great, she got her Dream job this morning working hand on hand with Deaf Children, teaching them. So that is really Exciting!!! Stu has had a rough week but I think things will start turning around more and more. I think I will be playing my guitar and singing at the Mission Christmas party:-) That will be fun! And..... Hmmm.... The ward is really good here, there is an older guy who is kind of like a biker and he is in a band by profession and plays stuff like zz top hahaha. I haven't heard him but they say he is pretty good:-) And yeah I know what the crazy rain is like haha. It's foggy a lot too:-) Apparently it is supposed to be the coldest, and snowiest winter that England has had in a hundred years! So we shall see what happens. It has been really cold this week, but myseriously dry... Like there was all blue skies yesterday! Feels like the last time I saw that was when i first got here!:-) So this is the last week before transfers again... That is way way crazy! Elder Thorup might be leaving but we will see. Ha mabye I'll be leaving who knows! things are good, I have been feeling The Spirit really Strongly this last week. The Plan of Salvation has been Manifested more to me I guess. I Love The Gospel, and I Love our Master, and King, Jesus Christ. I am here for Him, and so people can come to Christ. Life is so Wonderful here:-) I Love you guys! Have an Amazing week. Thanks for Everything. All my Love, Elder Wilson

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