Monday, December 3, 2012

November 19th Email

Hello! That is hard to hear about Bishop Tesch, and Sister Davis. They really are Valiant souls In Christ. So..... One of our investigators was Baptised:-) It was Amazing. we talked to her Husband, and his heart is being softened. I really hope he Humbles himself and listens. The Baptism was so so so good. Another lady we are working with is getting Baptised on December 9th too. So things are going really good. I am 99.9% sure that I can Skype Cody, and Charlyse in Alaska!:-) And I am pretty sure I can Skype to you guys all at the same time:-) President Rasmussen is all about talking to your family. He always tells us to write to you guys:-) ALASKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAaaaAaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. One of our investigators texted us the words to u2 "Beautiful day" this morning!:-) Ummmm yeah, Thanksgiving??? So crazy. I think we will be eating at a members home:-) Oh, so I went on an exchange in Nottingham this week with Elder Boyce from guana:-) That was pretty sweet, he is a good guy. It was a pretty crazy awesome week though. President Recieved Revelation to go by Un-Baptised children over 9 in the part member families, and to pick out 5 former investigators to go by. Some Amazing things are happening. The Lord is pouring out the Blessings. There is some really good people we picked up teaching this week, so it should be really good. Oh, before i forget I think the guy who wrote that article's last name is Callister but i can't remember the rest. I am pretty sure he is a seventy as well. I really enjoyed it. I don't really know what else to say haha. Smoked turkey?? That sounds super good! Tell everyone I Love them an awful awful lot:-) Well I guess they might read this haha. Anyway, Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!! :-) I hope it is Great for you guys. I always am Re-evaluating my self in everything. Like our Purpose is to Invite Everyone to come unto Christ. All I want is to do The Father's will. But as an Imperfect human, my pride can sometimes get in the way. Missions teach Humility:-) At least for me haha. One of my Goals is to be a Really good Companion, So I am trying my best for that. I think it's really Important to be open-minded. And to have a super good sense of Humour:-) I Love life!!!!:-) It is Amazing:-) Well, I am going to go write President an Email:-) You guys are Great, Keep it up. I Love you all so much. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!! With Lots of Love, Elder Wilson

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