Monday, December 3, 2012

November 26th Email

Hey guys! I am using a new way for the email, so I hope this comes through... All systems are go for the Skype thing and stuff in Alaska. President said Aye Aye! :-) He is so good! He is doing this new thing where we have a Mission newsletter, So I am super Excited about it. He Wrote an article in it talking about Music:-) How all of us as Missionaries combine our Skills, Interests, talents Etc. To make a Symphony:-) So Lincoln is going be making some big noise!!:-) (But Beauitful, you know how I do) :-) I am glad to hear the funerals went well. Bishop Tesch really did make everyone feel so special. That is such an Amazing abilty to have. Thanksgiving was good. We ate at a recent convert's and our investigator who is getting Baptised. It was a lot of fun.We got INSANELY wet this week! So it was great, it was pretty cold. I Loved it:-) So you won't believe who we started teaching. One of our investigators Husband.... He has a complete change of Heart. We had a lesson with him on Saturday, It went crystal clear. Slicker than snot on a door knob (tell gramps about that one). He is going to be reading The Book of Mormon. Good guy. So yeah I got a violin ha. I am still crazy. The tough part is finding the time haha. But yeah it's good, I am picking it up slowly:-) So in Gospel Principles yesterday we watched "Between Heaven and Earth" It is a bunch of Scholars of Theology, and Ancient Scriptural history Etc. It was Amazing. It got me thinking a ton about the word "Vicarious" To do for others what they can not do for themselves. That is Temple Worship to the nuts and bolts of it. I feel like in following our example of Jesus we need to remember that. When He said that we need to take daily up our crosses, maybe that is a part of what it meant. He did for us what we would be hopelessly, and helplessly lost without. I Love how you guys said it's the little things that gary, and deann did that made up their Greatness. The Atonement wasn't one big thing. It was a lot of little moments into one. And It's the little moments, what we think and do when no one knows are the molecules that make our integrity. Just like one of The Apostles said something like "Moments are the molecules that make up Eternity" :-) Sorry about that, just a random tangent. It was just super good. I like how people go to The Temple here, because it is so far away a lot of times they will go away for the weekend or like 5 days or so. Then each day they will go to Multiple Sessions, I have heard it is a completely different experience:-) I don't know if you guys could do something like that? But it was a crazy week:-) It is so wet here, I think I am starting to grow some gills or something. Lincoln is really good, I feel like I can breathe a lot more here. There are farm fields everywhere. They have The Christmas market next week which I guess is like a Massive thing in europe and I'm here!:-) Sariah would LOVE The city centre here. There is road called Steep hill (It actually is super steep) And It's a very narrow road lined with small little antique shops that look like they are form medieval times, and the roads around that area are still cobblestone. When you think of Old England, it's what it looks like:-) We didn't have a lot of time to find this week which was kind of a downer because of flat tires, and travel time and stuff. So that was a bit of a downer. President Rasmussen is doing some Fantastic things. Teaching us to find By The Spirit, use The Members. Some Amazing things will be happening. We had a lesson with this sort of less-active guy who is a returned Missionary. And he feels like you can't really ever know if God is there, or if we really do have A Saviour. I have thought a lot about that this week too. I think it's almost inevitable, and probably essential to our earthly experience to have those moments of doubt. Where we feel we are in the dark, and alone. But I thought of the song "Awakening" From Switchfoot (Always relating to music...) Where you kind of have those small moments in your life that are like when the people pinch themselves when they are in a dream to wake up. Tender Mercies of The Lord reminding why we are here. I'm not sure if that makes sense. But I Know that you can know The Truth. God doesn't lie. James 1:5. Sorry if that didn't make any sense haha:-) I Believe with all my heart that I am a Missionary for Christ's church today as it was primitively, and in it's latter day way today. It's the same Doctrines, The Same Faith. I would Love to hear your guys thoughts on that too:-) So Elder Thorup got a new backpack today so I bought his old one off him becasue that bag that i got was dying and it was smelly. But we were in this outdoor shop and they had all this equipment and stuff, it just made me want to go backpacking haha. Every P-day I always joke with Elder Thorup and tell him I want to go to Scotland:-) But it's worldly and all that jazz for now so I'm alright:-) Danielle is doing really good. Nicola wants to learn about Patriarchal Blessings so I am uber excited to talk to her about that:-) And her, and Stu want us over for dinner sometime! They have a son named James, and he saw my Scriptures and saw that it said James on it. So me, and him have a pretty cool attatchment to eachother:-) He has minor autism but is on of the nicest kids I have ever met. Nicola called us the other day, and asked us "Do you know what The District is?" We told her it's what we watch to help us be better Missionaries. The She told us that James keeps watching them! A ten year old boy is watching The District!:-) He wants to go on a Mission. Ahhhhhhhh Life is SO GOOOOD!!! By The way, Definetly going baldy locks haha. It's cool though, you got embrace what you got:-) I am definitely smiling. There are tough times, but the best wouldn't be good enough if you didn't have the bad days too:-) I Love England, It's Amazing here. I have also given a lot of thought to how I am in The Breeding ground of The Restoration really. All of those events leading to that morning of Joseph Smith asking for Truth. I do Believe in Christ. I Really do Believe that I was called of God to serve here for Specific reasons. Not only for the now, but also the later. I am grateful for the oppurtunity to Serve Him. Not many get the chance to bear The Name of Christ. I am Grateful for you guys. Thanks for showing me the Path of Righteousness. Teaching me how to be Honorable. I am so Grateful that we went to church every sunday not just when we felt like it. Anyway, I best get going. Have an Amazing week. I Love you an awful lot. With Love, Elder Wilson

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