Monday, October 1, 2012

September 3rd Email

á á It was a pretty crazy week!!!! But a really really reallly good one. Last P-day Elder Anim got hit by a car when we were coming home from football so that was pretty crazy. But he is all good now. We had a Zone Conference too this week. President Rasmussen is such a powerful guy. Man, I learned so much. Then we had an Area Seventy there and he said something to us that wont leave my head. He asked us if we are living up to our privileges then we all talked about what our privileges are. Then he said "You have Privileges beyond what you can Even Imagine... You are The Lord's Anointed" I am in no way shape or form living to what I can. I want to be better. Worthy to be like Nephi calling upon The Famine and not the war because he Loved The people in whom he too was called to Serve. I want to have Righteous power to call Upon The Heavens, and to make changes here. I don't want to say that to sound Boastful, this is what all The Missionaries in the world can do. isn't that Amazing? we had a really good week! The Nigerian guy we are working with is so powerful. He is used to Missionaries being paid for their Ministry so when he figured that we payed to be here, he literally got down on his knees and Praised The Lord. (I think it freaked Elder Jones out:) ) It was really cool, he loved that. And he always talks about how we are "Winning souls for Christ" I Love that thought. It's like what President Houtz taught me at a Christmas Devotional a few years ago when he focused on The Word "Redeem" To buy back. We gave one of our investigators a joy to the world DVD and He LOVED IT!! Haha. he just randomly starts singing it, I Love it. Then, oh man. This Chinese guy we started working with. He is such an Amazing person. In our lesson we had him read Alma 7 in a Chinese Book of Mormon and after I asked him how that made him feel to know what Jesus did for him. He struggled trying to say how he felt. And then he just looked at us and said he couldn't express how he felt but then pointing to his heart he said he felt it "in here" When we left we had him say The Prayer, It was so powerful, and he felt so good after. It was SO Amazing!!! Gah!! Sariah! The Pictures of The cabin!!! That was wonderful. Looked pretty awesome. It seems like mom has had the cough the whole time i have been on my Mission haha. School starts next week? Crazy! It feels like I just barely left on My Mission! I am going to try and write a letter today so yeah. Oh!! Lorenzo is in Guatemala??? Nice! Thanks for being the coolest family ever. Do you hear from wong? i hope so. Have a good week guys. I Love you guys an awful, awful lot With Love, Elder Wilson "Swing away Merril, Swing away"

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