Monday, August 13, 2012

August 13th Email

What a great week:-) Hahaha I didn't even know that the olympics was over!!! Something I have found really endearing about The English is they really do love their country. Everywhere we go the people are watching The Olympics, although it's kind of frustrating with the work. But your right dad, they supported their Atheletes. I Loved hearing from you guys:-) Those are some Pictures from last wednsday! that was Amazing. England is so Beautiful. So you guys are Loving living without us kids there??? Nice! Oh, I had a dream last night that Mom was going to have a baby haha. i have the weirdest dreams now. Like I had this Dream that me, and Elder jones were trying to teach somebody but zombies were chasing after us. Crazy life. There are so much crazy things that happen on Missions... :-) Well, sad to hear everyone is sick with the whoop. I threw up the other week, I ate a bunch of cereal right before bed and then like an hour later in bed woke up with a massive stomache ache and then it all went downhill from there haha. Me, and Elder jones are getting a lot closer. He is a super awesome companion. He played Starcraft!!!!!!!!!! The Work was good this week, I feel like we could have done a lot better with member lessons. But this week that's what we are focusing on, and Faith. That is something we have been thinking about, we can accomplish The impossible with Faith. It is also a Struggle getting people to church. But I guess where there is a will there is a way:-) One of our investigators went to The Temple, And LOVED it. He is so solid. He helped a girl Teach her Primary class yesterday, and thought that was really nice. Our other investigator is still in The Hospital, We need to Promise him some blessings. We have these really nice older Woman we are teaching, they are doing really good. The Worlk With the less-actives is going really well too for us. The Lords hand is Definitely working here. Well sorry this is short, I Love you guys. I say this all the time, But I have The Best Family in the world. i was looking at the pictures of jordan and jess, it made me so happy. talk to you soon. TRUE LOVE Elder wilson

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