Monday, August 6, 2012

July 30th Email

It's funny that you brought that Scripture up mom. I have learned a lot about that on my Mission so far, I will have to explain it in person though haha. That is so awesome to hear about Bonnie, and Wang. This week has been all over the place but So good. It was quite hot this week... But it's cooling down:-) The clouds, and sunsets here are so wonderful. Our one investigator is doing so good, he has had some oppostion from his family, so we gave him a blessing and ever since then he has been on fire. Like yesterday at church, It's hard to explain. Were working with this less active who has severe special needs, and is bipolar. So I was super stressed out with it afterr church. And the other investigator could tell I was having a hard time and he just took me aside and made sure I was alright, and told me "Just remember why your here" Man, I Love him! I wish you guys could meet him. Another of our investigators is in London at The Hospital, but I know all will be well according to Faith. I Love that guy. We have had some bike issues these last couple of weeks but it's all good. We found this guy who is from nigeria who said he will get Baptised on September 22nd if he gets an answer that The Book of Mormon is True after he prays. So that will be Amazing. today I got to go to a bird place with Brother wright, that was super cool, but The Amazing thing that happened was on the way there. We listened to this talk on The meaning of The Atonement from President skeousen. Wow. You guys need to listen to it. it awakened something in me, I can't really describe it. Like I would never want to stop doing Missionary work like Dad described. This is my life, and I Love it so much. I have left The World behind, that is such a freeing thing I wish I could describe but I'm sure you guys know what I mean:-) The longer I'm out the better I feel, and The better I feel The harder I work. The harder I work the more Blessings come. My Mission couldn't be any better. I'm so honored to be serving in England. I Love you all. Have a good week. TRUE LOVE Sincerely, Elder Wilson

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