Monday, August 13, 2012

August 8th Email

Hello!!!! Getting letters/Emails just makes me so happy! Thank you! I Love you Guys! I Love The Pictures Jess! Elder Jones is a lot like Jordan, so it makes me happy:-)But He Loves Shania twain, and celine dion too though!!! hahahah Such an awesome guy. Before I forget, I have had squishy peas dad, I like them:-) And Leicester is similiar to nottingham, it's definitely not the posh part of England hahahaha.... But I wouldn't have it any other way!!! So wow. One of our investigators told us that he is going on a Mission. Can you Believe that? Do The Blessings of a Mission ever end? He told Me, and Elder Jones that he wants us to go to The Temple with him as well. Man..... So Amazing. Someone I am able to help bring into The Kingdom of God wants to share The Gospel with others. He sees The Blessings of God, and how much Happiness can be found. I was with Elder Setu for just a little bit the other day, he is such an Amazing Missionary. I am surrounded by Amazing, and Inspiring Missionaries. I learned a little bit more on how The Spirit works sometimes. On Sunday We went to go visit one of our investigators in Hospital, and read some Scriptures with him, and just tried to help him out. And as we were leaving I thought about how The Saviour taught to visit The Poor, and Afflicted. On our numbers it may have not looked like we did anything with him. But then I thought to myself, "How did The Saviour spend his time?" The next day in our district meeting guess what we talked about? How to best spend our time, and i was able to share the things I learned! One of my Favorite things ever is being a Vessel so I can say what The Lord would say if He were there. And Like Alma says in Chapter 36, it is not out of "Worthiness" of myself. It's just The Blessings of God. Sariah, your Email made me Feel The Spirit very Strongly. Thank you. Yesterday we got to talk to a Romanian guy who is inactive, he was awesome! He gave us some weird fruit thing that slightly looked like a dog poo but somehow tasted like a jelly filled doughnut! It was super Good! Oh yeah haha, I didn't get Transfered Nor Elder Jones!!!!! :-) I am really glad I get to stay here for at least 6 more weeks:-) I wish you guys could meet The Abley family as well. Brother Abley is one of the most Amazing people in thwe world. He literally spends his days just helping people. He is so awesome. I am glad Mom is doing better. I will keep Praying for you. Steroids hahahahaha. I had a good laugh at what Sariah said:-) Ummm... What to say? Oh! hahaha! We are getting another lady ready to be Baptised! We are being so blessed. We have 4 people who are preparing. I will do my best to help them. But there is this lady Val, who is 62. Really nice lady, she needs to quit smoking but I know she can do it with the Help of The Lord. We were teaching her, and she turned to me and said "I would marry you if I were younger!" So that was slighlty akward hahaha. But we had a kid who is leaving this week on his Mission to Scotland/Ireland Invite her to be Baptised so that was really powerful. We are going to be Spending The day in Bradgate park with an investigator. It is such A Beautiful place. I wish you guys could see. It is literally just like Paradise. Thanks for telling me about Mission Prep Dad:-) Maybe what you can do is make up an Investgator for these Kids so they can work with and Teach them? That's what we did in The MTC and it helped a ton. Does that make sense? haha. Well, I Love you guys. A lot. Go out and Make this world A better place. Speak to you soon. TRUE LOVE Elder Wilson

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