Monday, March 3, 2014

January 27th Email

Hello, So Things are good. It is good to hear from you, and that meeting sounds like it was Amazing dad! MY New Companion is Elder Lapi from Albania! He is awesome:) Life is good here, One of our investigators needs to talk to his mom, and we do too and then if that goes well he will be Baptised on Saturday! We have a few more coming up for February too, So I am Excited. Hmmmm this coming week should be good, have some exchanges planned and stuff. I am Excited for it. I Miss Elder Barker a lot, but it is how it goes. It has been really sunny there eh? Wow it just keeps raining here:) Last week was crazy, and apparently it's supposed to get cold this week too so wooooooooot! So my Companion doesn't have a license so I am driving all the time haha. I Just want to ride a bike....:) We have some really good things that are going to happen though so I am excited for the coming Transfer. We had a Special meeting yesterday with all the leaders in The Stake, and it was POWERFUL. WE had Sacrament Meeting all together. That was a Profound Experience, It is always good but with all of the leaders in The Stake sharing in The Sacrament was so cool. IT was so Peaceful, and I could Feel The Spirit so Strong. It was like a Zone Conference after that but for The Stake:) Well I am sorry that this is short, but I do have a Deep Conviction of God's Infinite Love. And that The Scripture's Lead us to Happiness. God is teaching me a lot right now I think, and I am Grateful to be His Servant. I Love you guys, and Hope you have a wonderful week. Love, Elder Wilson

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