Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mar 17th Email

Hello, So It is all True. Serving with Elder Wood, living in Woodville. There is all sorts of Wood going down. I Love it here though, I have served around Elder Wood Multiple times so it is pretty cool. His family are Farmers in Southern Utah, and he Loves Music, and Mountains so we have some good times:) This area is pretty cool, and an AMAZING thing happened!! So there are these Investigators here and we taught them last week and they said that they were from Leicester and I was like...... I Lived there! So I asked where they lived, and he said Saffron lane which is The road Ashley lived on. Ashley my first Baptism? So I just threw his name out there and it turns out Dan knew Ashley from School!! How cool is that!?!!? So I am going to email Ashley and see if he can come teaching with us:) So I got an Email from Elder Lapi in Swansea (My Last Comp) And one of our Investigators died, his name is Derrick. That was way sad to hear because he wasn't even that old. I Miss Wales!! It is so Wonderful there:) Did I ever tell you guys about our Investigators? Elder Barker and I found them and they are SO solid but need to be Married and are getting Married in September so yeah gonna get Baptised. They are Amazing, but I geuss they told Elder Lapi that they want me to go there one more time before I go back... and he was pretty persistent about it, I would LOVE to do that. But I am not too sure that can happen, so we are going to try and set up a skype or something for it. There are so many people in Swansea I have to tell you about!! The Irish/Welsh Family. They Would Love to Skype you guys sometime:) Hahaha I wonder If you would be able to understand her accent...:) I could maybe get their Skype information for you guys? Oh and Pip!. SO Cool. She Lives on a farm in the middle of nowhere, It is like The Welsh version of Aunt Pat's but on a Mountain! Oh I Love it there. She has three dogs a Shepherd dog named Jess, a Doberman named Sep, and a Stafford (Bella Dog Mini style) named Poppy! So she (Pip not the dogs) saw The Blue and Red Scripture marker that Grandma made and Absoultely Loved it and was like Me and her would be good Friends:) So many things to tell you!!! The Burton Ward here is really cool too! We have the Coolest Ward Mission Leader EVER! He is so funny!! His name is Brother Watson, and is just Hilarious! I am Excited for things for here. I am Working as hard as I can but different then I have in the past. In the Past I have been just about getting the Job done, but I feel like I am here to rebuild some Bridges and work that way. Still Of Course talking to as much people as we can though:) We had Elder Texeira come to our Mission this week!!! It was Way Inspiring, I Loved it a lot. I Just want to Help the Work go Forward here!! Soooooooooooo We Just had a Kebab with the other Elders, and I am not gonna lie my stomach is doing some crazy dance moves right now you know what I mean? Something I have been thinking a lot about lately is how Important Prayer is, I feel like in teaching people we neglect to help them rely on Prayer. It is so vital, until they are having a steady diet of Prayer, Scripture Study, and Church they generally will fall by the wayside. SO Pray Pray Pray! What Got me thinking about it was in 3rd NEphi when Jesus is there. It is so Powerful. Things are just so good right now, For some reason I Just keep thinking of the Movie Holes where Stanley and Zero are on that Mountain and They Just realize that it was all Destiny what they were supposed to do. I feel like that right now, Like I am supposed to be here with Elder Wood, serving in Woodville. It is an Awesome feeling. So I Hope you guys have a Great Week, I will too! Oh we are going to try and do some Service on some Farms by the way! We helped a Less Active lady move, and we just thought it is something that we could do good so we shoud try and do it like once a week or something:) I Love you you a lot. I Believe God is in the Detail of our Lives, and Wants us to be Happy. Love is good, and God is Great! Love, Elder Wilson

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