Monday, March 3, 2014

February 17th Email

Hello! So that was pretty Fantastic hearing about Taylor, It made me really happy! I am excited to see him again! Life is pretty good here! But in a lot of ways I feel like this experience here is teaching me a bit of how I will Recieve Revelation for the rest of my Life, so I am happy about it. Thank you for telling me about your week's! Time is really short right now, but I did enjoy them a lot. Dad what you were saying about Missionary work made me think a lot about what has helped me. Sometimes I feel like I am just going out to talk to people just because I NEED to, but then there are other time's when I am going out and talking to them because I Feel like I want to help them, and I want to Love them Like Jesus Christ does. And that changes a lot for me. When I am focused on talking to THE PERSON and not THE POTENTIAL it seems to help a lot more. I do not even know if that makes any sense but yeah it has helped me a lot:) I will be Praying for Charles, and Mia, and all of you this week. And Thank you for your Prayers. It was Sunny yesterday! It was so crazy, I honestly haven't had a sunny day since I think September or October, and I had a headache because of the sun! ahha Crazy weather:) Soooooo Yep. I better go email The Mission President, I Love you guys a lot. I am a Firm Believer in Obedience, and Hard Work. And I also Believe that Love should be the Driving Force in God's Work. Have A wonderful week. God Speed The Right! Love, Elder Wilson

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