Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9th Email

Hello Family!!! >  > This has been a hard but good week for me. We worked a lot on making > a good map for our area so that was good. We couldn't get one of our investigators to > church again so i don't really know what to do. But another of our investigators is doing > way good, he came with us to birmingham last week to meet President > Rasmussen. I got a guitar, and I played it in a lesson, i > think that's what i'm going to do sometimes because it helped bring > The Spirit. we are starting to teach two chinese uni students!!!! They are super nice, > They really want to know if God is there, they told us > they couldn't really believe when they were in china but now they can > start to see if He is there. > So Elder Jones is a HUGE blessing. He makes it easy to stay happy > when times are hard, he is always making me laugh. Me, and him have > become really really good friends. > But yeah, we worked a ton the map last week so this week we are just > going to get down to business, and work a lot and go by like a million > less actives. It's funny how when your somewhere in your life and you think it's bad but > when you look at it in hindsight it was actually really good:-) > I got a letter from Braxton, it was good to hear from him. I'm so > happy he is going to Mission prep! Him, and McKell need to get people > there!!!! Even though I went to it, I don't think I realized the > importnace of it. > President Rasmussen is so cool guys. It was funny to hear his > American accent:-) But he said a ton of things I needed to hear. He > Loves to give hugs, I Love that! > I am excited for what is to come with him. Oh random fact, Hakuna > Matata actually means no worries! I Love hearing how to say hello and > stuff in other languages. Like Makadi is hello to people in Zimbabwe. > Just cool stuff like that. Another thing i think is really funny is > that people take for granted what they have, like people in England > would LOVE utah, and people in utah would LOVE England! haha. But I > just had a cool thought as I was walking to church yesterday when we > were walking by this old castle, and church place that had the church > bells ringing how this is an Amazing Experience I'm having. I don't > know why but i Love hearing The church bells, I can't explain it... It > just makes me happy haha. Just something that is so old. Apparently > all of the cities ending in "ster" like Leicester, Manchester Etc. > Were Roman cities so Leicester is REALLY old. And It is Amazing to > take a step back somethimes and just look at where I'm at. That is > something that Bishop ulrich told me that when he was having a hard > day je would just think where he was at and it would give him an extra > step. It helps me a lot too. > I Love you guys! "Work hard at work worth doing" Amen, Hallelujah, > and Peanut Butter!!!!!!!!!!! So basically Pb, And J's are super cheap > here and it is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. Nobody > eats them here really. They Love Baked beans... haha. And they have > this weird stuff called marmite that they put on toast. It looks like > toe jam haha. it tastes super salty, not too bad I guess. > But yeah, I Love being a Missionary more, and more everyday. When > President Rasmussen was getting set apart he got set apart by Jeffrey > R. Holland. And Elder Holland told him that all the other Mission > Presidents getting set apart were being told that there's was the best > Mission. But he told him his really was because Elder Holland SERVED > HERE!!!!!!! EBM!!! Earth's Best Mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! > So yeah. GOod stuff haha. Oh yeah, chinese people are hilarious. > One of them heard that there was someone who ate somebody's face in > Ameria and was really freaked out, and she thought that people thought > that chinese people eat babies. oh man, me and Elder Jones have been > laughing a ton about that. So much funny stories. You guys will see > our Title of Liberty on The Pictures!!!! yeah!!!!!!! Well I'm gonna go > shopping then play some football. > But Before I go I have to say I Know that Jesus Christ lives. God is > my best friend, we can turn to him and He will help us. I know that > Loving someone, and having The Spirit is the only way to help someone. > Thank you for your Testimonies. I got a letter from Jordan the other > day, it helped a ton! Loving these Brits is what it's all about! God > Loves them, and so do I. Have a good week. I am Smiling:-) > Love, Elder Wilson >  >  > TRUE LOVE

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