Thursday, November 15, 2012

November 5th Email

Ahhh guys. I Loved the Emails. ELECTIONS?????? It sounds like kit is so darn Cute! Good to hear about Braxton! I was hoping he could come to EBM:-) But Europe is better than nothing!:-) Ummm, That is correct about the word gutted dad, and yeah thats how you spell Lincoln. Tote in the hole is like a casserole/cake thing with crust on the top and potatoes, and cheese etc underneath with Yorkshire sausages in it. It's super good. Have you guys ever had yorkshire pudding? It's basically like a sunday dinner but they have these things that are like the crust stuff to a meat pie? I don't know how to explain it haha. But it is Amazing. Lincoln is a Gem, even though we have an hour train ride to our district meetings I Love it. The view on the ride over there is so Amazing. You guys would Love it, There is a whole bunch of birds. I saw a Falcon!!!!! It's so pretty. I am really excited to hear from Nanna!! (Grandma) :-) Oh and yeah Elder Jones is in Leicester. It's crazy, a guy who bashed a whole bunch with us and just wanted to Argue called us up like two weeks ago and told us he had studied and knew that the church was True because of The Temple, and The fact that we still believe in Covenants. So he should be getting Baptised soon:-)In Lincoln, There is that Wonderful Lady getting Baptised on november 18. She is Amazing... I know that one of the biggest reasons why I am here is not for her. There is this guy that they have been teaching for like two months. And he isn't sure if God is there, or if The Book of Mormon is True. But I went there on tuesday night, I go into his house and I see all these guitars, drums, etc. And then I just briefly told him that I Loved music. We had our lesson, then at the end he showed me the lyrics to a new mumford and sons song entitled "I will wait" and he said that is how he feels about God. That he is waiting for Him. After we left I couldn't stop thinking about him or that song. Then when we went back on Friday I think He had a banjo out!!! I told him that I was too weak sauce and I just got a Banjitar haha. But he had me play a song for him on the guitar. I chose, and decided to play "hurt" for him it touched his heart. The Spirit was in the room, and we started the lesson again. at the end of the lesson I related that I hadn't been able to stop thinking about him or that song. And that when I saw how much He Loved music I told him I saw Myself. And when I had my interview with President a few weeks ago, he basically told me I was most likely going to be staying In Leicester one more transfer. But I didn't. I came to Lincoln, and I told the guy that I felt that I was here for him. I am so grateful to God for allowing me to find, and meet these wonderful people. Giving someone like me the oppurtunity to help someone find The Gospel Path. Becuase really, Isn't it the only path if we REALLY want to be happy? I know I have so much to improve, and to learn still in The Gospel so I am humbled to know that He puts Trust in me. I want to be Worthy of His Trust. So Apparently Licoln has a super Amazing Christmas Market where a whole bunch Europeans come to:-) Halloween was good:-) It was kind of Akward because it wasn't too busy of a day so we were knocking doors and no one answered haha. But it was sweet, we had a really good lesson with a lady that day. That is so good to hear about taylor! Mission Presidents are So Amazing! President Rasmussen is So Amazing. He is picking up The Baptisms here in this Mission He has an Amazing Gift of Vision. And Dad, Please Keep up your Vision of The Missionary work there. i Love that thought. I think for Missionaries it's a lot better if you are in just one ward because you get to know the members. And obviously The Baptisms would bring these Souls unto Christ. Missionary work is so Amazing. And I would Love it if you guys kept Praying, and thinking about Finding. This is something I am trying To learn. To be A fisher of men. So Good weather over there? It has been pretty cold here:-) Oh, and Elder Thorup is from West Valley! He is a good Missionary! He is really good with people:-) We have a Zone meeting this week and a Seventy is coming to that so I am really excited about that. Those pump me up so much, i Love it. I hope you guys have a Great week, Thanks for Everything. You guys are the Best. I Love you SO SO SO Much. WIth lots of Love, Elder Wilson

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