Thursday, November 15, 2012

October 30th Email

Our investigator didn't get baptised! But it's not because she isn't going to it's because her uncle who is a member is going to baptise her in Ireland. She is doing way Amazing though. Leicester has some Amazing people they are teaching.... But so does Lincoln!!! :-) I am with Elder Thorup, Super good guy from UTAH!! WOOT I Love Americans! Haha. But it was way hard leaving westcotes, and Elder Jones. tough days. But Linclon is a really pretty city, and is a lot smaller than Leicester. It has A MASSIVE Cathedral you can basically see from everywhere:-) BOston is right below me sariah! I LOVE this place. The flat is completely different than the other one. It's nice not getting hypothermia when you take a shower haha. They have had some Amazing people they are teaching over here too. There is a lady I just met. She was a Methodist, and wants to be baptised but her husband is way against it, The Spirit was super strong at the lesson. I think we are as far northeast that you can go in the Mission, but I got to stay in the same zone so I am well excited about that too. But Lincoln is so far away from everything... like district meetings are in nottingham which is about three hours travel time so that is kind of frustrating. Oh, I got to be in Lichfield for a day last week! By the sound of the name it sounds like a dump haha, but I actually really Loved it there. a lot. Good people there. It is weird being outside of Leicester because there is like no black people! There is a ton of Eastern Europeans in here and around Boston too though. I will miss Serving All of The Nigerian people, I Love them a lot. Oh, and lin is gone now too though. But he will make it somehow, someday. I know he will. Me, and Elder Jones have had so much crazy experiences. It is exciting coming to a new ward though, we are here to work. It's gonna be way good! That's crazy hearing about that storm. I hope people are ok. But yeah, me and Elder Thorup are going to find some Elect for sure here!:-) He is a super Loving guy. So I am way excited to Serve Him, and Serve with Him. I laughed pretty hard about the story with kit saying the goats were shooting berries!!!! That was so funny. Gah. My Emails are always all over the place haha. Oh! Dad! My first meal here was super good! Tote in the hole! Way good stuff. But the guy made gravy, but it had mustard, and mint sauce in it. Oh man... It was Powerful. The mustard here tastes more like horse raddish though, so yeah. It was so Amazing. And it was an investigstor who fed us! He is a funny guy, the window when we were cycling up to his house was steamy so he wrote with his finger "Welcome to hell" I thought it was pretty awesome. Ummm what else to say? I dunno, I am super gutted to leave Leicester but I am definitely feeling this is where I need to be and I am here to work hard! This ward is super Amazing Missionaries as well though. They are Fasting for the Missionary work this month. Oh, and this Area is MAASSSIVE!!!! You guys should see a picture of the bike I ride, It's a legend in the Mission haha. It's this tiny bike called the slammer which was made for about a ten year old kid but it was free. It was just in the little backyard area in Leicester, so I have been using it for the last Three months give or take a few. One time I was riding it and I felt like I was getting lower to the ground So I got off and to my Surprise the bar connected to the seat had bent to about a centimeter from the tire! It was pretty good stuff. I am still Lovin' Life. Smiling Loads. Living The Life. I couldn't ask for more:-) I Love you guys, I hope everything is alright, and I hope you guys are doing alright, and Smiling too:-) SO yeah I best be ooof. I Love you guys, talk to you soon!!!!! :-) TRUE LOVE- Elder WIlson

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