Sunday, May 27, 2012

May 21st Letter

I Love you guys so much!!! What a good life it is. This week was super hard, but the most rewarding week ever. Me and Elder Zundel work so hard, and are exhuasted everyday. I guess I will talk about the funny stuff first, so it's not swearing here if you say "ass" or "hell" And they don't use a lot of words that we use.... Like we were talking to this guy on the street and we told him he had an awesome moustache, and he told us he had been growing it since he was 16 and he was about 60!! But he had trimmed it (obviously) And In response I said "Wow! That's nuts!!" And having never heard a statement quite like that before, because he thought I was referring to the male genitilia... hahaha. yeah. And I keep saying pants instead of trousers! Everyone Loves my American accent here haha. Elder Zundel sometimes sounds like he is from Birmingham, and sometimes London, or Wolverhampton. (I can tell the difference between accents now) They have so many different accents! Birmingham is really weird... They talk really slow. Oh! We ate at this ladies house from Zimbabwe I think is where she is from... But we had this stuff called sudsa, It's like riceish stuff but it's compacted into a big ball and you tear a piece off with your hands and dip it into the sauce and meat, and beans! And you are SUPPOSED to eat it all with your hands! :-) She also cooked a whole fish.... When I say whole I mean WHOLE. Luckily she brought it out after I ate, but watching her eat it was crazy! They eat the eyes cooked and everything! But onto The more wonderul things. We are Teaching a lady, she is from sudan but has lived in greece. She has HUGE Faith in Christ, and is preparing to Baptised on 23 Jun. She has a really cool kid named fadi, I Love him! We are also teaching a 19 year old boy named Ashley, he LOVES to learn, and we didn't even ask him to go to both sessions of stake conference and he went to both! He asked to go with a guy in the ward. He Loves learning, and is thinking about Baptism on 23rd as well. He is HILARIOUS too!! He referred to me, and Elder Zundel as a "full american Breakfast" hahahaha i laughed so hard. But we spend most our time in lessons, riding ou bikes around town, GQing (Talking to everyone) Like we talk to EVERYONE. Most people are nice but some get super mad. We ride our bikes everwhere too. Yesterday was a Huge Tender mercy of The Lord to me. We were having companionship study, and I just felt The Spirit so strongly. Never before had I felt it like this. I felt so Amazing. And I had the biggest desire for everyone to feel it. I wish you guys could feel the Love that I feel. When I was sitting next to Ashley yesterday I kept imagining being with him at The Temple. What could possibly be more rewarding than that? Well I'm Happy guys. Oh! There are tons of chavs here! in an area called braunstone purounced brawnstin.
Ty emailed a second part to the letter.. obviously having some 'issues' this time (haha)
Sorry got kicked off. But yeah Braunstone. crazy. We are working with less actives as well. People think we get like no money for food... haha. Cause this lady who is ashley's friend. Her name is Nicola, and she gave us a billion pounds of vegetables! We made these DELICIOOUS Fajitas yesterday! Turns out I can cook pretty good:-) But I better go. The Lord is blessing this area, I feel Responsible for The work of Salvation here. And thats why we talk to everyone. Elder Zundel is the best trainer ever! I Love you guys so much. and it's all about. TRUE LOVE!!!!!!!

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