Monday, May 21, 2012

1st Letter from the MTC

Family!!!!! Hello!! I am in the England Missionary Training Centre. It's Amazing here. England is seriously so pretty. There are some funny differences I have noticed, like the cows here look different! They are bigger here! And McKell will like this. I have seen quite a few horses, I guess when it rains here they put these jacket things for them. It's pretty awesome. I have been Feeling The Spirit so strongly you guys. I Love it so much. English people are crazy! Oh! Tell jordan the chef here is italian! And we have an Italian elder too. I haven't figured out who my companion is yet though. I guess I can tell you guys this, but not any Missionaries yet beacause we haven't had our big meeting yet, but I'm going to be a zone leader i guess here:-) The MTC President is SO Amazing. He gives lots of hugs! So yeah, I'm happy. I want to be out there working hard. I Love all of you guys so much. I will write you soon? whenever They have me. My Testimony of Jesus Christ has grown a lot already. I will keep growing as I work, and follow The Spirit. Love, Elder Wilson :-)
Walking into the MTC!
MTC President Walker and Sister Walker
Nephi District, Hinckley Zone
Ty was a Zone Leader
President Walker teaching about a Missionaries Purpose
View from the Cafeteria
*Luckily at the England MTC they take bunches of pictures and post them to an online album for everyone to see, it was so very nice (and helped with missing him) to see it uploaded daily, little blessings!!*

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