Sunday, May 27, 2012

May 17th Letter

So....... I'm in Leicester, in the Westcotes ward!!!!!!!! It's awesome here! It's a city that tis' pretty big. But there is a nice park with lots of people with lots of dogs! And That is how I break the ice a lot of time:-) There are a ton of Africans, Indians, and Eastern Europeans! In fact, Aparrently a lot of Czech people as well!!! It's Absolutely Brilliant!;-) Everyone says cheers here:-) I got the letters from Mom and McKell, they made my day guys :-) Thank you so much. It helps me get more excited to Preach The Gospel to everyone. And...... My Companion is .......... !!!!!,,,,, !!!! ......! Elder Zundel! He is training me, how Amazing is that?? But yeah, I'm Loving it here. our flat is way awesome, they have towel warmers in the bathroom! Thanks so much to Everyone. I met a lot of Missionaries who didn't have support. My good friends mom doesn't even know he is on a Mission! Cause his parents are divorced. But he is such a solid Missionary, and I'm so happy he is here. So thank you for supporting me. I get a little discouraged sometimes, but not too much. I won't ever stop smiling:-) I'm super close to Nottingham!!!! Robin Hood!

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