Tuesday, January 7, 2014

December 16th Email

Hello!!!! It was a crazy week!! Transfers, Mission Christmas Party and all that jazz. But it was really good!! Our recent convert is so good! We are going to take him Finding with us this week!! This coming week since we have more time to work I am really excited for it! I have a massive desire to go and Find some more people so It is going to be a really good week:) Oh I am still in Swansea:) WOOOOOOOOTTT!!! I Love it here so much. So it is wack that Christmas is so soon, I was thinking that the other day and was like what the cuss. Com si com sa. So The Christmas party thing at the Mission was awesome, I saw Sister Merrill there! She is in Harborne now! One of my old area's!! So that is pretty wonderful. It was way good being at the Christmas Mission event knowing that I am not a Lone Soldier in The Work of Salvation. So I had an experience yesterday that I felt I should share. I was Blessing The Sacrament. I have pased The Sacrament often but only Occasionally have I Blessed it on My Mission. Yesterday I had The Chance to Bless The Sacrament, and I was shocked at the tenderness I was using as I was Tearing The Bread piece by piece. I use to do that every week, without much of a thought of Jesus. There were thoughts of Repentance, and Devotion but I saw Him as I was Preparing The Sacrament Yesterday. It was Him in The Bread, that others ate, and it was Him in the Water They Drank. The Bread of Life, The Water Of Life rang in my mind. I Saw Him Buried on a white Cloth. The Sacrament is important, I Remembered Him. And I Hope to do that always. I am Loving Life! Oh also a funny experience I think dad would like so we were helping Clean up the Chapel and as I was cleaning I was singing and then I heard some giggling and it was a little kid in the ward who was laughing cause I was singing and I hadn't realised what I was singing. I don't even know what the song is called but I was singing "Chang Chang Chang!" It made me think of dad, It was prettty Hilarious:) So hopefully you all feel better and have a good week! That is awesome to hear about the ward party. Well I Love you very much. I am so Happy being a Missionary, I know that The Work we do is Good, and True:) God Bless you! Love, Elder Wilson

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