Tuesday, January 7, 2014

December 9th Email

Hello, I don't have too much time to email today because we had to go to NEwcastle Emlyn for a District P Day and got back later than anticipated and we only have like 50 minutes left of P Day!! The week was Fantastic, one of our investigators was Baptised, and LOVED it! He wants to serve a Mission! We are teaching him, and two other investigators right after this so that will be way Amazing! We get THE DODGE CALL tonight! It is INSANE that we are here again, I feel like I was just saying that yesterday!! Gah!!!!!! We are Loving Life, and I Love serving in Swansea. After The Baptism yesterday a lot of us from the ward went and sang at a rest home and sang Christmas songs:) All the Missionaries had our own part and I Played the guitar and we sang Primary Christmas songs. Twas a good gag. For the end of it and older scottish man played the bag pipes, I am not just saying this but that was probably one of the most Spiritual experiences I have ever had. He started with Praise to The man melody (Of Course) Then moved into old Scottish and Welsh Folk songs, to see the life that entered the room was such a surreal moment. It was so loud, oh my goodness it was so good! And our investigators were singing with us as well! You should also know this, The Scotsman was indeed wearing The Kilt:) So one of our investigators is getting Baptised right after Dad's Birthday! I am so Excited!!! Life is so good, but I am so tired! This coming week is going to be super super busy. Especially if I am packing my bags tomorrow, I would be pretty sad if I had to leave but I would also be excited for a new Adventure. So Craziness... Elder Jones goes home tomorrow. That is so weird, he was the one I served ages in Leicester with and then served again with him here. It is so weird because he has just been there my whole Mission, I feel like everything I learned about how to be a good Missionary was from him. I am going to miss him an awful lot. He goes back to Virginia but will be going to BYU in like a month or so! It is so wack! I am excited for you guys to meet him, he is one of the funniest people ever but cares so much about people. We had some of the best of times. Anyway enough of the sadness! I am Loving life and we have the Christmas Mission Dillio goin' down so that will be fun! I think I am singing Silent Night in a duet there so that should be pretty interesting. That is awesome that you got some snow, and I hope you all get feeling Better!! Hopefully we will be getting Snow here! The Swansea area is the wettest place in the UK but because it is right on the coast it never gets too much snow but everyone is telling us that it is going to be a bad winter! It is so weird when something major happens and it is all over the news. It always comes up to us knocking on a door or something, I always think those experiences are cool. I took a look at My Mission memories this morning, and I have such a good life here. I am so fond of all of the places I have served, and they are all so very different from each other accompanied by the myriads of Memories laced into them. I feel that I am learning about what is Important, I want people to accept The Gospel of Jesus Christ because of the Happiness and The Great Escape of it all. I Believe above everything else I have learned is that People are what matter, and that Jesus really did do what He says He did and what The Scriptures, and Prophets all say. He Truly is The Son of God, and The Prince of Peace. He is Jesus The Christ. And I teach so many times in the first lesson that "God is our Loving Heavenly Father" But now I am beginning to get a tiny grasp of what that means and how involved he wants to be in our lives. And He asks a lot of us or so it seems because he has a Big Plan for us so yep. Life is Great, and I am flippin out cause the Dodge call is just hours away!!! I Love you guys, and I am so Thankful that you pray for me, I Pray for you too. Have a great week! Talk to you next week. Love you

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