Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January 6th Email

Hello!!! That is Amazing to hear about Kaden!!!!! I Love it. Also, When is he leaving?????????????? So our investigator wasn't Baptised this week. I think he will be Baptised in the coming weeks and also another investigator is preparing for Baptism. They are such good guys! That's good to hear the new year's stuff went well, it was alright for us! Just did an ultra sumo clean on the flat and it is lookin' real nice! (We Keep it Clean:) This week we taught a lot of lessons which was Great! But it is one of those weeks that you are glad are behind you haha. We are Lovin' Life though:) This coming week should be good, except for the next few weeks we got a lot of meetings and a lot of driving. It's all The Work of The Lord though so it's good:) Their has been SOOOO MUCH RAIN here!! It is flooding and has been crazy, people think we are psycho for being out in the rain so much! But I Love it, and luckily we were able to be teaching a lot this week:) I am not sure on what else to say, I hope dad's B Day was Good. I wasn't able to write you a letter last p day but I am going to write one today. Sorry it will get there late. Glad you liked The PKG. It is awesome with the calendar because I have been practically to or right by all those places. I Love you guys a lot. And My Testimony is Growing, I am trying and Learning to stay Close To The Spirit, I think we say or think little things that we think are not dulling to The Spirit but are. So I am trying to eliminate this from my life so that I can Have The Spirit with me more. I Still Believe in Hard Work, and Obedience. It's God's work we are about, and Through Jesus Christ we can Help others. I Love you. Elder Wilson

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