Tuesday, January 7, 2014

November 11th Email

Hey Elder Wilson here (Avatar?) I was laughing pretty hard again about Scout and kit! We had a pretty good week, and we got a solid new investagator! a kid who comes teaching with us a lot has a friend and we have been asking about him a lot because he comes to our volleyball on friday nights. So the kid asked him if he wanted to learn and he did so here we are! We are teaching him!!1 Woot way awesome. So we have Elder Dyches of the seventy coming here this week so that should be awesome! And we are going to Birmingham tomorrow for Mission leadership council then on the way back we will have to stop in Merthyr tydfil for our Stake President Meeting, and that is our whole day haha. Driving and meetings which is pretty cool I guess. Then we have Zone Conference on Wednesday in Cardiff, it will be nice to go back to Cardiff:) So yeah crazy sauce but we have some good Appointments set up for this week, and will do some good finding:) We are teaching this really old guy and he is a C of E Priest and is super rich and has been all over the world! He is way cool! Oh so weirdness, So Elder Barker has been telling me that in my sleep I will tap a beat on the wall even while I am sleeping! Then the other day I was sleep Singing!! Hahaha I am so strange. But things are going well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLYSE!!!!!!!!!!!! I am excited to see some previous companions this week! Now all of the lincoln trio are in The Mission Leadership council so it will be a good laugh:) Elder Barker is way good, I have really really enjoyed serving with him. Well I Love you guys have a way good week! Oh I felt The Spirit way strong reading in Acts! And when we taught that kid's friend. Love, Elder Wilson

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