Tuesday, January 7, 2014

November 18th Email

Hello, So it was a pretty Great week, Mission leadership council, and Zone Conference were really good! Elder Dyches was really good. I just felt lifted and more Inspired. We learned a lot about planning, and then how we need to teach the Correct way. I took a lot from it! So things are good, Good to hear it is the same for you too! That was an Amazing Story about the Missionaries in the phillipines! And Elder Matheus listened to Imagine dragons before his Mission but I had never heard of them till I came over here because of ELder Matheus. I will have to listen to that song one day! Hmmmmmmmmm Our investigators are doing way good!! One wants to get Baptised on December 8th! It was so Awesome! We went over to someones house on friday to teach an investigator then he had another friend there who didn't seem to interested at all, but he was diggin it, and feeling The Spirit. We invited him to be Baptised on the 7th of Decembetr, he said of course. We Leave and twenty minutes later got a text saying he couldn't be be Baptised on the 7th.............................................. But then he said that him AND another investigator wanted to Be Baptised on the 8th together!!!!!!!! we told him that it would more than ok:) Sooooo yeah things are good, Thanksgiving next week. Oh my days that is crazy! Well I best be oooot and abooooot. Have fun, and dad get that Referral!!!:) You can do it for sure:) Preaching The Gospel is the Best. Amen! I Love you guys, and I do Know that God Answers Prayers. And His Love is Wonderful. I am Grateful to you. I Love you. Elder wilson

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