Monday, June 11, 2012

June 11th Letter!!

Hello. How be you guys? First things first, I keep forgetting to > tell you guys this!!! Jordan better hear this. The Preston Temple is > built on Stone stuff from The Island Sardinia (not sure that's spelled > right) Just thought you would like that. It's a Beautiful Temple. > Happy Birthday to Cody, and McKell!!!! May the odds be EVA in your > FAVA! :) Concerning Sariah's inquiry of the Level of silliness, we > laugh A LOT. And we have this stuffed Bear that you can turn it's head > inside out, and then it turns into a monster! So I always put it in > Random places to freak Elder Zundel out, like on his bed, I tied it to > some floss and had it connected to the ceiling right above his bed, > and last night he wnt to the toilet, and he found a little friend > already using it;-) > But The work has been Amazing this week. The Lord really blessed > us. We are Teaching a whole Family, The kid's want to be Baptised so > we are working on that. And we found some really Amazing people. On > saturday we found this guy he had been taught by Sister > Missionaries like 5 or 6 years ago. Well, I will tell you the whole > story one day, but Basically He has been Prepared By The Lord. He had > a Book of Mormon but gave it to His Grandpa, so He was really excited > to get another one. And He has been suffering from a rare disease, > above all things with his Kidney's. It sounded pretty similiar to what > I had but worse. But The Spirit was so Strong, we are meeting with him > tomorrow. I Pray He can Feel The Spirit with all my heart. That's my > biggest desire. >> I think The Mitchell's have requested for Friendship as well, and they will have pictures of me!:) If you see > one of me not in Missionary atire.. haha. I can explain. We were > cycling in a town called Whetstone purnounced wetstin. Which the "Wet" > Is quite Ironic. Because it rained Like a Millsion gallons and they > were our dinner appointment so they let us get dry:) It was insane > though, I have never been so wet in my life! It was pretty cold haha. > But We had a "Man Vs. Food" At the Mitchell's. I didn't disgrace > TheWilson name is all I'm gonna say. Not only did I win, But The Only > one To finish!!!!!!! Did I mention I'm Learning Humility?;) But yeah, > you can see pictures of me when I'm there with them, and such. We are > doing a mini Mission with warren from tuesday night to thursday > afternoon. > Man there are some pretty hilarious stories that come from being a > Missionary. The other day we were doing something we call "Flog > 10'ing" It's where if you get Flogged (Wrong Adress, not home, stood > up, false adress etc.) You knock 10 doors in the area, Which really > works, that's how we found Mathew. But anyway, We Were Doing the FLog > 10 and we knock on this door, and this really old guy answers the > door, and he is from poland, or Russia, or Latvia or something. But we > told Him That we were sharing a Message about Jesus Christ, and his > eyes lit up when we said that, and he started bowing to us multiple > times. Then he stopped. His hands slowly went to the bottom of his > shirt, and he started pulling his shirt up... I had no idea what to > expect, I was about to be flashed by a 90 year old pole! So He got his > shirt all the way up, and just above his pecs was a tatoo of Jesus, > and Angels and stuff. I can't even describe how hard it was not to > laugh. He let his shirt down, and started blowing us kisses, so we > gave him some bows, and went on our way:) > The Chav's think it is really funny to make fun of us... Aparrently > it's hilarious that we wear Bike Helmets. They always yell and say > "BIble Bashers!" It's pretty great. And one day we were cycling home > and we were on a kind of desolate road around these massive farm > fields and for some reason I was singing "Sleigh Ride" Haha. And I was > singing i looked over at this kid in a car hanging out the window, and > then he threw a pop can at me (which I dodged) then he proceeded to > throw one at Elder Zundel which missed horribly. They then drove off > screaming vulgarities at us. We had a pretty good laugh at that:) Most > people are really nice though, really, they are:) > Thank you for The Email Cody, You Strengthened me In The Lord. It > was great. And Sariah, from your letter. Daily life is pretty much, > talk to EVERYONE, Ride your bike to an appointment, talk to everyone, > Ride your bike to an Appointment, repeated over, and over. But that > being said, It never feels the same, It feels new everyday. Everyday > is a completely new Adventure. That C.S. Lewis Quote about Love is So > True. True Love is Everything in this work. I'm not trying to be a > salesman, But a servant to of The Lord. What I'm telling people is > like John 7:17. > I have also felt Impressed to share what I have Learned/Felt in > studying this week. You know that box in Mr. Magorioms wonder > Emporium? We are like that box. It could do Absoulutely Nothing until > someone had Faith in it. But When it did have Faith in it, it could do > ANYTHING. It's Important to have Faith from someone else in us, but to > have it in ourselves, Most Importantly to know that God does. He NEVER > Leaves us alone. Please read Pres. Uchtdorf's talk on the why of > Priesthood Service. We are Never, Ever Alone. And we can do hard > things Because of The Atonement of Jesus Christ. I was reading Ether > 12, and I often just read Verse 27. But That verse is so much more > powerful if you know why The Lord said it. Moroni Felt weak, like he > wasn't up to the task because he couldn't write very well. Look at the > things he did through The Lord. How many people gained a Testimony > becasue of reading Moroni 10? > I Love you guys so much. Each week I look back on the previous > week, and feel that i was so much weaker the week before. I can't > really explain it... But I am Growing. My Faith In God Is so Much > stronger. Like Jacob said "I could not be shaken" I won't be shaken > from My Faith. I'm not alone in this. Thank you McKell for The > letters:) They help A lot:) And thank you for The Emails, and Letters > from the rest of you. They help more than you know. But Above all, > your Prayers help the Most. You have no idea how much Your Prayers do > for me. > The Jubilee was Amazing by the way. Don't listen to people when > they say English Food is bland! The pastries, and Everything are > AMAZING. > Guys. Do Temple Work, Do Family Hsitory work. It's no different > than what I;m doing. Please make goals to find people living, and dead > who NEED The Gospel, And we NEED The Experience that comes from it. > Keep Listening to The Music guys:-) Charity NEVER Faileth! It's TRUE > LOVE. > WIth Lots > of Love, Elder Wilson

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