Monday, June 4, 2012

June 4th Letter

Life is so good!!!! I feel SO happy right now!!! :) So dad is eating the broccoli no mo. That's good:) Over here, they classify a lot of there deserts as pudding when it's kind of just like pie, and ice cream:) But I haven't had one bad meal, they have all been really good. Fish, and chips are really good. They basically have ~"betos"-esque places but indian style. They are called pukka pies:) But they have burgers, and fish, and chips but with curry, and all that lot. We pretty much only eat at members houses, they are really good to us here. But we are out working the rest of the day, so we get pretty hungry:) But I don't really get hungry until I see the food to be honest. Because I have grown to Love working with people, and finding people. Sometimes I will be talking to someone, and they reject it, and it is so hard. They don't even know what they are saying no to. And I pray so hard that one day they will change. Like this guy, who kind of just wants to argue sometimes, But I really love him. Sidenote- He has the shack book at his house sariah, so you know what he is like:) But yeah, he tries to prove stuff wrong, and he really does have a belief in Christ. I want so badly one day to see him changed, and in The Celestial Kingdom. I Love to hear about kit, and scout guys:) And thank you SO much Jess, for that letter:) That market is really big! We walk by it a lot on P-days (today). Oh, Jord! Send me the pictures from our trip?? And sometime tell me how your other one went! haha. It has been rainy, and cold again. I keep feeling like it is Christmas for some random reason! Apparently, they start getting ready for Christmas around Aughust-September. So I'm thinking dad should come here around then;) But yeah, Sariah. The Muslims, and the hindu's, and the seekes (not sure if that's spelled right) are Amazing people. We are teaching a Hindu Uni Student named pareth. I am really impressed by him. When we gave him The Book of Mormon he treated it with great respect, and knew it was a book from God. And when we Prayed, after we were done he said "That felt really good" :) The Mitchell's, a family in the ward. Wow! I Love them. Basically like the weasley's! No joke! but they have a son warren. He is 17, man I Love that kid! He comes with us teaching all the time. And he might do a mini Mission for like a week with us:) These emails go all over the place just because it's my thoughts. I was readind 2 nephi, or Isaiah 5 today. It gets me so pumped! The last part is about The Work I'm doing! I'm helping fulfill Scripture from Thousands of years ago. I feel super Humbled, pretty much like a Million times every day. Sometimes I feel like I will never get better, but I guess that's just it. It doesn't matter if I get better as a Teacher, But as a Listener. To The Spirit, to The people. That's what it is about. I Love getting letters from you guys. And Dad, thank you so much for telling me about Dylan. Tell his dad that he really helped me a lot too. I Love those guys so much more now! Man, Life is Amazing. England is the best. Brother Abley, Another member. Who basically is The Bestest Missionary. Like The Second day I was in Leicester when he first met me the first thing he said was "Welcome to Zion!" I have really taken that to heart. The Diamond Jubillee Guys! History in the making! At first i didn't know it was going to be so big. But it's HUGE! So today will be fun celebrating Her Royal Majesty:) We sang God save The Queen in church. And I feel like Home here. It's my second home. President Ogden taught me that the more you Love The people, and The more you Love the history, and The country, The more effective as a Missionary I will be. President Ogden, and Sister Ogden are the best. The way he acts is almost identical to Dad. It's crazy how similiar you guys are. His favorite hymn is Battle Hymn of The Republic, we sing it alot:). So when we had our last conference as A Mission all together with them. When The conference was supposed to be done, A Missionary stood up and bursted "Mine eyes have seen The Glory of The Coming Of The Lord!......" And Everybody else Joined. He was Beaming With Love, and Everyone Was crying, and The Spirit. I don't even know how to describe how Powerful it was. I was Afraid before I came out that I wouldn't like The other Mission President as much, But I know I will Love him All the same. Elder Zundel is wonderful:) I learn everyday from him. We work SUPER hard, and laugh a lot. Well, The time is coming to an end for email this week:) I Love you guys, I Know The Gospel is True Now, more than Ever. And I know that will only continue to grow. Life is all about Growth. Just like the plants, and Vegetables you guys planted this week. Silly things that used to bother me, are no more. And that's all Because of Jesus Christ. Peace out. TRUE LOVE. Elder Wilson.

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