Thursday, June 21, 2012

June 19th Email

What a LEGENARY week!!! It was so good to hear from everyone. I am learning more, and more from The Spirit each day. The letter that you guys are getting this week might be a little jumbled, because I was in a really big hurry so yeah. Wow, I Love being a Missionary. Everything about it. I got the letter from dad this week, that really helped out a ton. Around Tuesday was really hard for me last week. I felt so inadequate as a Missionary, and didn't want my weaknesses to stop The work of The Lord (I know better now) So Elder Zundel, could tell I was having a hard time so we just went for a little walk right before we ate dinner at a Members house. And I can Testify that he is a man of The Lord, he was telling me everything I needed. Then later that night at ward council, The Bishop had me, and Elder Zundel try and help him with his laptop so he could show us a video. and so we tried to get the video to load but we couldn't so we gave it back to him and told him we couldn't get the video to play. Then when he was looking at the laptop he said "Here is the lesson for tonight: Sometimes when you think your not helping, you really are." He said that looking directly at me. HE was in tune with The Spirit, and knew what I needed to hear. THEN, this week has just been a week of Tender Mercies from The Lord. At District meeting, The AP was there so he brought Post for us, and I had two letters. One from Elder Brown, and the other from Elder Lewis. Wow. Those guys have grown. They are my Hero's. Same with Elder Neumann, I got a letter from him a few weeks ago. Oh!!! So did you guys hear about Gary The Scarecrow??? I heard he won the nobel peace prize. They say he was outstanding in his field.............. hahahahahahaha. I heard some pretty good jokes last night. Like, So two birds landed on a perch, and the one said to the other "Does it smell like fish to you?" hahahahaha. So good. I am SO happy out here guys! When you just find people, and you want to do anything for them. And when you see the words that you say in weakness be transformed by The Spirit into Something that ignites desire, and Love for The Lord in people. Wow. That is The Greatest feeling. I can't get enough of it. We have been watching those "District" Dvd's for Preach My Gospel. hahahaha. I now know what The American Accent sounds like. Anyway, I think something I struggled with at the beginning of My Mission was trying to compare my life prior to my Mission to the life that I'm leading now. I shouldn't have done that. Lyrics from a Relient k song has helped me realize that. "If you close your eyes, and listen close. You can hear that chapter close, and it's all re-bound in better clothes. And you'll like the way this story goes" When a chapter closes in our life you can think back to it, and Enjoy the memories. But you NEED to Move forward. Because the story only gets better. It feels like for the first time in my life I am actually moving past the past. On Friday we weren't really having too much success with people talking to us, but I feel like The Lord put people in my Path that I needed to talk to, whom I learned A LOT from. They were Three older men, one from India, one from Kenya Africa, and the other from England who had lived in the countryside his whole life except for recently. I have been thinking of them as "The three wise men" :) The First one from India taught about hatred, and how when you think bad of ANYONE it spoils you. We still need to Love Everyone. Because when we speak ill of someone we spoil our heart, and our tongue. The guy from Kenya taught about the simplicity of life, how everything around us comes from God. He took a very deep breath and said "That was from God" And it made me think how Simple, and Beautiful life can be. Look at the tree's, the mountains, the ocean, animals, Everything is for us. Then in broken English as we were departing he said "when do something. Remember God" What a profound thought! If we remembered God always how much of our mistakes would be prevented??? And the English man didn't really say much with words, but he was Truly happy. He was petting a cat when we came, and spoke to him. And he just told us about his life. I could see he didn't have material things on his mind, the only reason he moved to the city was because his wife, and Him needed to be closer to a store. I learned so much from these people. So people we are teaching. Ashley is doing really well, he is so funny though! But he will probs be getting Baptized around August, then we are going to be inviting another family to be baptized. The mom has had it pretty rough, and she has been feeling The Spirit very strongly. I want so badly for her to Feel that The Peace she needs is From Jesus Christ, and She can reach Him By Following The Doctrine of Christ. Then another guy told us yesterday after he had been in Hospital for a few days, and had been reading the Book of Mormon he said "I think your guys view on Christianity suits me better than my past religion.... It's more concrete." Wow. This guy is ready. He was part of C of E. So we will be seeing him. Then as we were going to his house this lady asked who we were, and we told her. Then she asked if it was alright if we could talk to her. OF COURSE!!!!! I wanted to shout in joy! haha. But she talked about how she has felt completely alone, and she feels like she saw us for a reason. I told her that I KNEW she did. Her name Is Natalie, She asked us to Pray for her, I will pray for her so very much. Scriptures that have been sticking out to me are Mathew 16:24-28, and 3 Nephi 13:21. Give up everything, and serve God. The attitude I want is like from that Ruth song "All I need is this guitar, and the shirt on my back" It doesn't matter what we wear or anything like that. My Treasure is the people I'm serving, That's where my heart is. I Love you guys so much. More than you can know. I am so happy that McKell Liked the presents:) Thanks for the Prayers. It's Elder Zundel's last P-Day....... Sad. So I will be writing next Wednesday. And The Mitchell's might be pretty busy, but you should definitely call them or something. I would Love that if they ate at our house. I Love them so much..... They are the best. I best be going now. thanks for everything. P.S. I just want more music!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha. Love yo! Love, Elder Wilson TRUE LOVE

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