Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14th Email, Last one!!

So yeah Well this is rather Strange, How is everybody lookin? Things are going pretty good! We had some good experiences this last week, met some cool people! We have been doing service, as I type this my hands are covered in paint haha. But I had my departing interview on friday so that was pretty great!! We also had zone meeting, helped do service at a members! And met a really cool christian guy. I feel really good about him!! Thank you for all of your emails, and being such a big help to me on my Mission. I will for sure get to work when I get home!!:) I am excited too:) :) It is really weird. I am trying to soak in England these last moments but it feels like I am just going to be here next week. It is so weird, I feel so crazy! I have been able to get in contact with a lot of people from My Mission the last few weeks and that has been so good but really hard too. You just feel so scared you will never see them again, or you want them to remember who they are, and to be good!! haha it is just a jumble of emotions. But I am excited, you all have been so good to me on my Mission. I wish I did more to thank you. I am Leaving My Mission having fought the good Fight, I am so Happy for the time I Have had to serve. BUT I am really Excited to continue the work!!:) I Think the biggest thing I have Learned is how Beautiful, and Important And Individual Soul is. I Love you guys. I Have a very Strong Testimony ogf God, and His Love. Thank you for Everything. I Love you. Sincerely, Elder Wilson

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