Monday, April 14, 2014

April 7th Email (2nd to last!)

Hello over there Yeah It was a pretty good week. The work was pretty slow this last week, but we did meet some good people. I feel like this area has some serious potential but just hasn't burst out yet cause it is a fairly new area, so trying to figure that out. General Conference was Amazing though, I feel so excited to be a Disciple!!! We have a lot of Courageous things to be doing in the future I think. So Yeah things are pretty Great! They are changing a lot of how they do things in the Mission now, and it is really good! Just how they are directing meetings and stuff, it makes a lot more sense now. And we are more focused now on the people than the number which I think we were missing that for a while, but it is good to see the progression. I really like The District I am in now, I didn't think I could get so close to the Missionaries in the district in only one transfer but they are Amazing! There is an Elder Jones here, and it is his first transfer and it is awesome cause he is going bald too. Too much Brain power or something I don't know:) So yeah I will talk to you next week. I am Loving Life, and Drinking deep in Life too:) Hope you guys are good!! I Love you a lot. God is Amazing. I have Felt The Spirit so much the last few days. Love, Elder Wilson

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